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    Glory glory Conch Republic
    Glory glory Conch Republic
    Glory glory Conch Republic
    From Key to shining Key!
    — Excerpt of the Conch Battle Hymn of the Republic, lyrics by First Sea Lord, Admiral Finbar Gittelman

    Conch Republicball, also known as Conchball, is a countryball born in 1982 in Key West, Floridaball.


    Border Checkpoint and Independence

    In 1982  USAball set up a roadblock and inspection point to look for potential drug smugglers on Highway 1, the only road leading to Key West. The roadblock severely damaged the local tourist industry, since far less people were able to get to Key West through the checkpoint. The complaints of City Officials to the US went unheard. The mayor decided that if the US was going to treat Key West like another country, it was going to become another country. As a form of protest, the mayor and the Council declared Key West's independence on April 23, 1982. In the eyes of the Council, since the U.S. federal government had set up the equivalent of a border station as if they were a foreign nation, they might as well be one. As many of the local citizens were referred to as Conchs, the nation took the name of the Conch Republic. In Key West Harbor, the schooner "Western Union" hoisted the Conch Republic flag and "attacked" the USCG Cutter DILIGENCE with Water Balloons, Conch Fritters, and Stale Cuban Bread. The DILIGENCE fought back with water cannons, commencing what would become known as the Great Battle of the Conch Republic. After an entire minute of brutal water warfare, the mayor surrendered and requested 1 Billion Dollars in foreign aid from USAball, which Conch Republicball never received. After the surrender, USAball quietly removed the controversial checkpoint and Conch Republicball considered it a victory.

    Invasion of 1995

    On September 20, 1995, it was reported that the 478th Civil Affairs Battalion of the USAR was to conduct a training exercise simulating an invasion of a foreign island. They were to land on Key West and conduct affairs as if the islanders were foreign. However, no one from the 478th notified Conch officials of the exercise. No one knows if this was just a publicity stunt or an actual defense, but the Conchs mobilized for "War" (which meant firing water cannons from fireboats and hitting people with stale Cuban Bread). The 478th issued an apology the next day, saying that they "in no way meant to challenge or impugn the sovereignty of the Conch Republic". This is taken by the Conchball as an official recognition from the US, and thus he claims to be an actual country. During  ​​USAball's shutdown in 1995 and 1996, the Republic sent a flotilla of Conch Republic Navy civilian and fire department boats to Fort Jefferson to reopen it. The action was dubbed a "full scale invasion" by the Conch Republic.

    Recent History 

    On January 13th, 2006 the Conchball staged another protest in which they annexed the Seven Mile Bridge off Key West's coast in response to a wet feet, dry feet incident regarding Cuban Refugees. 

    In another protest, beginning in 2008, the northern keys including Key Largo formed a separation of the Conch Republic known as the Independent Northernmost Territories of the Conch Republic. Proponents claim this separation is a result of disagreements over the definition and use of the term 'Conch Republic'.


    How to draw

    Draw Conch Republicball isn't very simple:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
    2. Draw the symbol of the Conch Republic in the center
    3. Draw three white stars on each side of the symbol
    4. Draw the white script CONCH REPUBLIC over the symbol
    5. Draw the white script "WE SECEEDED WHERE OTHERS FAILED" under the symbol
    6. Draw the white script 1982 on the up-right angle
    7. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


    es:Conchaball pl:Conch Republicball

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