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    Democratic Kampucheaball

    This article includes controversial themes within it! If this kind of thing offends you, it is recommended you click off this page. When editing, be careful and wary of this.

    Khmer Rougeball, or Democratic Kampuchea was the worst kurwa a historical Communism-icon.png communist countryball and was Cambodia-icon.png Cambodiaball from 1975 to 1979 when under Pol Pot. Democratic Kampuchea was the first nation to order a genocide against it's entire population, which combined with panic of zone leaders caused by Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball and the Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball building up a massive army against Democratic Kampucheaball and taking drastic action to stop them, ended up with many Khmer dead, He allegedly to be supported by the USA-icon.png US to reduce Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball and Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball's influence. He continued to exist to exist in some form in opposition to PR Kampucheaball until the time of United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodiaball and held the majority of international recognition during this time. His name is actually pronounced Kh-mai republic not kh-mer republic but ppl are too lazy to look it up.




    • USA-icon.png USAball (When opposing Vietnam) - You know, I didn't like you for supporting capitalist dictator Khmer Republic-icon.png Khmer Republicball Even though I was Inspired by him to kill Viets, but then we have a Vietnam-icon.png common enemy, so we could work together, and thanks for not recognizing the PR Kampuchea-icon.png Fakers.
    • UK-icon.png UKball - Similar to the US, I didn't like you for being a Capitalist scumbag, but at least you supported me to fight the Viets, and don't recognize the PR Kampuchea-icon.png fakes.



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