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    Raise our flag high sky high!
    — ASEANcoin anthem's First sentence
    One Vision, One Identity, One Community
    — ASEANcoin's Motto
    Britian and France are still Hungry!
    — Bill Wurtz

    ASEANcoin or the United States of Southeast Asia-coin is a Second Majapahitball Empire or Second Austronesian emipre political and economic organization-coin in Southeast Asia.

    Born as Association of Southeast Asiaball (ASAball) in 1961, but suddenly this happened to the poor guy. Later, it was formed by five nation-states in 1967 as a step to remove communism and can into economic growth, expanding to the current ten in 1999. However, many Great Powers still see it as a fake puppet entity.

    It cannot into superpower like  EUball. (ASEAN has less pigs, i.e: no pigs unlike   EUball, so they are almost the same)

    Member States

    Founding members

    • Indonesiaball - Headquarters and soon into failed state big economy
      • : Where Is Weed?
      • : Is Weed, And Into Western New Guinea
    • Malaysiaball - Is of unsafe airlines satay and nasi lemak lah.
      • : I Like Ejen Ali
      • : Yes, There It Is!
    • Philippinesball - Remuv drug, former chairman, the greatest leader, the world's superpower.
    • Thailandball - Honorablen't king.
    • Tringapore - Of rich, can into China and Melayu. Current chairman lah.
      • : And Also Counting With Paula Release!
      • : Yes Counting With Paula Release In 2014 Lah!

    Fellow members

    • Bruneiball (Joined in 1984) - Havings many oil, of rich.
      • : There Not That's Republic, Is Kingdom
      • : Yep
    • Cambodiaball (Joined in 1999) - Latest member to join because of political struggle. At least you're good now unlike Myanmarball
      • : No Communist
      • : My Kingdom, My Kingdom, My Kingdom
    • Laosball (Joined in 1997) - haha cannot into sea (sorry for taunting)
      • : Next Time As No Back Come To Communist!
      • : Yeah, Is Kingdom Down, Into Communist
    • Myanmarball - (Joined in 1997) FIX YOUR GOVERNMENT pl0x.
      • : Plus Military Junta
      • : Ok I Can Conflict Too..
    • Vietnamball - (Joined in 1995) This commie can into defeatings  Franceball, USAball, and Chinaball. Am of really proud of it. But please don't leave
      • : Điều đó không tốt cho Trung Quốc, ASEAN HÃY RA NGOÀI!
    • East Timorball (Joined in 2022) - Newest Member for full membership!
      • : Welcome East Timor!

    Observer States




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