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    Pahangball or Sultanate of Pahangball is one of the states in the Peninsular  Malaysiaball. He is also the largest state in the peninsular and third largest state in Malaysiaball after Sarawakball and Sabahball. He is also known by his arabic honorific "Abode of Tranquility"

    Pahangball is famously known for mountains, strawberry farms and a place where UKball used to enjoy a tea party with tea farms surrounding them and casinos nothing else. Also famous for his celebrities and famous singers, such as Siti Nurhaliza. Is of can into a lot of Bauxite and make roads back into dirt for nature.

    Pahangball, has an infamous haunted Highway road called Jalan Tol Karak, where is a haunted car known as Yellow Beetle Volkswagen where a lot of people in his clay died during accidents.

    He also have 11 districtballs and one of his districtballs is famous with the strawberry and tea farms (Scroll down to see list of his districtballs).


    • Bentong Districtball (no flag adopted) - Main enemy of Germanyball because of only a yellow beetle Volkswagen car that haunted Old Karak Road.
    • Bera Districtball (no flag adopted) - Some parts of yuo is being ruled by one of 9 luaks of my brother before you existed.
    • Cameron Highlands Districtball (no flag adopted) - Being famous districtball with his casinos tea and strawberry farms. Don't give it to UKball.
    • Jerantut Districtball (no flag adopted) - Largest son ever and home to National Park.
    • Kuantan Districtball (no flag adopted) - Capital's father.
    • Lipis Districtball (no flag adopted) - Former capital's father.
    • Maran Districtball - The only son that have a flag.
    • Pekan Districtball (no flag adopted) - Royal capital's father.
    • Raub Districtball (no flag adopted) - BUKIT FRASERBALL.
    • Rompin Districtball (no flag adopted) - Every state has its tourist attraction like yuo where the Tiomanball (or Tioman Islandball) located.
    • Temerloh Districtball (no flag adopted) - The most central state districtball in the peninsular. Most of my hero figures lives here when they fight British Empireball's rule.

    How to draw

    Flag (1853-1887):

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Paint it black.
    3. Add eyes and you're done!


    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Paint it black.
    3. Add a thin white vertical stripe on the side.
    4. Add eyes and you're done!


    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Paint it white.
    3. Paint the lower half black.
    4. Add eyes and you're done!


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