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    Selangorball or Sultanate of Selangorball is one of the 13 statesball of  Malaysiaball. Also known by it's arabic honorific Darul Ehsan or Abode of Sincerity. Located at the west coast of Malay Peninsular with Perakball of it's north, Pahangball of it's east, and Negeri Sembilanball of it's south.

    Selangorball broke away from Johor Sultanateball in 1766 with Perakball's help in 1766, after the Bugis took control of Johorball. He became colonized by UKball in the late 19th century.

    Inside Selangorball also has Kuala Lumpurball and of Putrajayaball that of once part of Selangorball. Selangorball It is known to be of most populated urbanized state in Malaysiaball.

    He is most wealthiest and most populated state in Malaysiaball.



    • Gombak Districtball (no flag adopted) - Being famous son with his Murugan temple at Batu Cavesball. It also have same birthday with my enclave brother, Federal Territories of Malaysiaball and his son, Kuala Lumpurball.
    • Hulu Langat Districtball (no flag adopted) - GIVE ME SATAY KAJANG NOW!!! YOU!!! SIT DOWN!!! KAT PARLIMEN TADI NAPE KAU JERIT HAH?!! TAKDE ADAB!!!
    • Hulu Selangor Districtball (no flag adopted) - The source of my river.
    • Klang Districtball (no flag adopted) - Your son can trade but how about you?
    • Kuala Langat Districtball (no flag adopted) - Such a name stealer from my Satay Kajang cooker's name.
    • Kuala Selangor Districtball - Kau jadi RUMAH API! Altough you will be my capital soon bcz Kuala Terengganu is Terengganuball's capital.
    • Petaling Districtball (no flag adopted) - Father of my capital. It is not necessary that I will make Petaling Jayaball the capital of yuo bcz of his name. But I still love all yuor townshipballs and suburbballs altough my great-grandson, Subang Jayaball is yuor capital.
    • Sabak Bernam Districtball - The Kedahball 2.0 version of me paddy producer of me and 100% imported from Kedahball original from yuor son, Sekinchanball.
    • Sepang Districtball (no flag adopted)- The international son that helps Kuala Lumpurball in serving visitors from abroad at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) and made a kart race at yuor Petronas Sepang International Circuit. Yuo also made Putrajayaball as full-enclave of yuo. BUT WHY KIM JONG NAM KILLED IN YUOR CLAY AND MADE NORTH KOREABALL CRIED AND BROKE RELATIONS WITH MY FATHER??? HE ALSO ACCUSES ALL OF OUR FAMILY AS THE KILLER!!!


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