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    North Sulawesiball







    — Preman Pinokalan

    North Sulawesiball is the Europe in a box a gg gemingseparatist movement in eastern Indonesia Indonesian province located on the northern tip of the island of Sulawesi (Celebes). He is of famous for his beautiful Chinese-like fair skinned Manadonese women, and Tetew a.k.a Anjing Kacili, an EDM song created by teenagers there or more known as Bassgliano. He also pretty popular with his weird trend that many thug/goons insulted each other on Facebook or You Tube, he is one of 4 Provinces in Indonesiaball which is not Kebab.

    He can into tourism with his underwater Bunaken paradise and unique weird cultures. Most of his clay is located high up in the mountains. He can also into expensive and crazy He is of Christian majority province, just like his brothers East Nusa Tenggaraball, West Papuaball, Papuaball , North Sumatraball.

    Sajarah (History)[edit]

    North Sulawesiball born as 7ball later be adopted by papa panjahat Netherlandsball (Dutch East Indies),and assimilated him until became 2ball then turn into Dutch East Indiesball, and later be Indonesiaball Revolted and declared war, because Soekarno (The first president) all the economic money have been wasted in the island of java not in any other island so they revolt.

    Parang Dunia Dua (WW2)[edit]

    North Sulawesi is the first place Empire of Japanball invade in Sulawesi used to known as Celebes. Empire of Japanball real main target to invade Sulawesi is to get their airfield. In 1942 they invade Manado (The city of North Sulawesiball) for the port to transfer supplies and to make a navel invasion Kendari to take their airfield. After the Empire of Japanball surrender in 1945. Indonesiaball have declared independence, but the island of Sulawesi still under Dutch control. in 1949 Indonesiaball have retake the island of Sulawesi. But there is still a problem the island of Sulawesi is under developed and there is many ethnic tension against the Javanese, because all the economic has been focus on the island of Java and that led to a rebellion.

    Permesta 1958-1961[edit]

    Permesta in the east creates a variety of reasons why they want to leave. Mainly that certain ethnic groups in Sulawesi at that time felt that the government policies of Jakartaball were stagnant on the fulfilment of their local economy, which in turn limited any opportunities for the development of other regional areas. First There was a resentment towards the Javanese ethnic group, which was the most populous and influential tribe in the newly formed unitary state of Indonesiaball. second The imbalance occurs because Indonesiaball political arena is centred on the island of Java (getting the attention), while the country's economic resources are mostly from other islands. third The effect of this conflict is to question the idea of separation from the Indonesian state, but it focuses more on a fairer distribution of political and economic power in Indonesiaball.

    Tape hubungan (Relations)[edit]

    Tamang (Friends)[edit]

    • Indonesiaball - we are of sorry if we have separatist , however u still respect us by making GSSJ Ratulangie as National hero , making Tetew song become great hits in the Country, and new infrastructure If you mess up again like last time I want independent.
    • Gorontaloball - A good irrelevant son who always check on me every time, and really like to visited my beach in Likupang!
    • North Sumatraball, especially Tapanuli clay - BIG BROO!!We are both like party and spending monies , but both of us also praying to Jesus. We also hate that FPI kebab because they are Intolerant. come here and taste many weird animal meat because I heard u love to eat doges.
    • East Nusa Tenggaraball - Christian brother.
    • Serbiaball - Europan accordion guy, Please teach me how to be a kebab remover, Plox!!
    • Papua New Guineaball- Christian brother. Many of his priest migrate here.
    • West Papuaball - Christian brother. Many of his people lived in my place. One day we both be independent
    • South malukuball Christian brother. We have many good connection when we both want to be independent and both of us really love Jesus one day we both be independence
    • Philippinesball - My friend outside from this country , our local language feel same uh , you really want to anschluss me huh? but surprised many of my people don't know we are related nor we have almost the same local language. sorry, but I want to be my own country, but thank for the offer.
    • Baliball - He is Hindu, but okay . BTW MY BEACH IS BETTER THAN YUOR OVERRATED BEACH. Btw, could I use u beach for the wedding?
    • Jakartaball - So many beautiful Manado womans leave in yuo clay keep yuor people dick away from my woman also yuo make Tetew popular thank u.
    • Netherlandsball - Yuo cruel father! but thx for gib missionary, I now can into believe Jesus.
    • Japanball - WE LOVE U ANIME PLOX GIB MORE KAWAI!! <3
    • Americaball - We love yuor movie and visit our beach next time. btw thx for the weapon you gave me
    • Chinaball - Many of his people migrate here and do business here. We love to buy their food, big chair, painting, old movie and the girl. And yes, we treat yuor people the best.
    • Armeniaball - I sheltered Armenians in my clay, and I also recognized yuor genocide! we both can also into removing kebab.
    • Israelcube - I have some little Jewish religion group in my clay, my dad really hate u, but I really like because u into Christian and I used to have a Jewish tribe back in the day. But please free Palestine tho.

    Orang pendo (Enemies)[edit]

    • West Javaball - REMOVE Church block!!!U Damn Intolerant , Also u of making good place for FPI to lived in.
    • Acehball - YUO INTOLRANT SON OF BITCH! REMOVE SHARIAH LAW NOW!!!!. Btw sorry to hear about the incident
    • Malaysiaball - Stupid culture stealer. Luckily he don't steal Tetew. Btw when will new Upin & Ipin episode would show up?
    • FPI, ISISball, and Al-Qaedaball - Yuo Intolerant group try to destroy church!!! REMOVE NASBUNG!! REMOVE BAHAR!!! REMOVE RIZIEQ!!
    • PKI - PENDO NGANA!! Yuo atheist bitch! lucky that you never spread in my place.
    • Bolang Mongondow Rayacube - Nope, im never allowed yuo to leave from my clay!


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