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    The Great Northern War was a war mainly between Swedenball and a coalition of Russiaball, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball and Denmarkball. Swedenball lost and Russiaball won and became STRONK. The war went from 1700 to 1721.


    The war started in 1700 when Russiaball, Polandball and Denmarkball declared war on Swedenball in a coalition. At first it looked like Swedenball was winning when he defeated Denmark-Norwayball and Polish-lithuanian Commonwealthball in a series of stunning victories but then he invaded Russia. Swedenball chased Russiaball deep into his clay, and Russia kept burning his land and so Swedenball's troops starved. They had a battle (Battle of Poltava) in which Swedenball lost and ran away to hide behind Ottoman Empireball. This changed the tide of the war in favour of the coalition.

    Swedenball was also weakened because the year he invaded Russia had the coldest winter in a hundred years and was known as the great frost. Russia and Ottomanball had a brief fight and then Swedenball went back to Europe to help Stralsundball defend a siege against Saxonyball, Prussiaball, Russiaball and Denmarkball. Meanwwhile Livoniaball, Estoniaball and Ingriaball had capitulated to Russia and Russia was occupyingFinlandball.Russia was winning naval fights in the Baltic Sea against Sweden, which secured Finlandball's occupation.

    When Swedenball lost the siege of Stralsund he escaped back to the mainland and invaded Norway. It didn't work and on the way back he got Hypothermia. Swedenball still refused to give up though, as he though he would lose lots of clay if he did so Russiaball started attacking his ports. After a final naval battle, Sweden gave up. He got to keep Finlandball but had to give Ingriaball, Estoniaball and Livoniaball to Russia and lost his colonies on the German coast which went to Hannoverball and Prussiaball.

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