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    Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    it's time for World War 2!
    Bill Wurtz

    World War II, or the Second World War, was a global war between the Allied Powers and the Axis powers that spanned between 1939 and 1945. The majority of countryballs eventually split between 2 alliances: the Axis Powers and the   Allied powers. The conflict was the deadliest in history and saw the advent of the first (and only) use of nuclear weapons in war.

    The war also involved the Holocaust, the most extensive in systematic genocide and ethnic cleansing in history, in which up to 11 - 15 million people were exterminated in Nazi Germanyball, up to 6 million of which were European Jewcubes.


    Buildup to War (1919-1939)

    After German Empireball lost the Great War, Germanyball (Weimar Republicball at the time) was humiliated by the  Allied powers of the War, who forced it to sign the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which took away some of its clay, and also limited its power. Germanyball experienced hyperinflation and Franceball invading part of its clay in 1923 after it tried to postpone its reparations, but eventually got back on its feet, and joined the League of Nations in 1925. In 1929, however, USAball experienced a stock market crash, which affected all of its indebted, including Germanyball, who quickly lost all its money. As a result of its poverty, the unstable Germany, was turned into  Nazi Germanyball in 1933 and re-anschlussed its demilitarized clay, known as the Saar, in 1935, then the Rhineland in 1936. Italyball, had become  Fascist in 1922 and had invaded Albaniaball's clay in 1926, then Abssyniaball's clay in 1935-36.

    Meanwhile, in East Asia, Japanball invaded Manchuball (one of Chinaball's children) and took its clay in 1931, renaming it Manchukuoball. Meanwhile, as Nationalist Chinaball recovered from its split personality disorder in the 1930s, Japanball took advantage of it still being ill and kidnapped then raped it in 1937. USAball responded by stopping trade with Japanball.

    Meanwhile, in Europe, in 1936-37 Nazi Germanyball helped fellow Fascist Spanish to destroy the Spanish republicans Spainball, and bomb Basqueball in the Spanish Civil War. In 1938 Nazi Germanyball Anschlussed Austriaball and its clay, and did the same to Czechoslovakiaball and its Sudetenland clay a few months later. Slovakiaball became independent and Bohemiaball and Moraviaball become Protectorate. In 1938, UKball and Franceball met Nazi Germanyball in Munichball, part of its clay to sign an agreement, in which Nazi Germanyball agreed to stop expanding its clay. However, when it broke the agreement in September 1939 by invading Polandball's clay, under a secret non-aggression pact with Soviet Unionball, UKball and Franceball declared war against Nazi Germanyball, after it refused to withdraw from Polandball's clay.

    Outbreak of War and Axis Expansion (1939-1942)

    Around this time, fellow fascist ball Italyball also Anschlussed Albaniaball and Ethiopiaball, and became allies with Nazi Germanyball and Japanball in 1940. Nazi Germanyball Anschlussed the clay of name Denmarkball, Norwayball, Luxembourgball, Belgiumball (family tradition), and Netherlandsball, then raped Franceball in May 1940, creating a puppet state, Vichy Franceball, who inherited Franceball's clay, since it had fled to UKball's clay. Nazi Germanyball then tried to bomb UKball's clay but was ultimately defeated and forced to withdraw from it.

    Meanwhile, Soviet Unionball invaded  Finlandball for breathing room for Saint Petersburgball, and although it won, it had lots more casualties than its enemy, so it invaded  Estonia, Latvia, Moldova and Lithuania instead, causing Nazi Germanyball to wonder if Soviet Unionball was really that stronk after all. In 1941, Nazi Germanyball invaded Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball and Greeceball's clay, with some help from Italyball, who later invaded Monacoball's tiny clay. In Yugoslavia the Nazis set up multiple puppet states. Hungaryball, Romaniaball, and Bulgariaball decided to ally with Nazi Germanyball, in hopes of not being invaded by it. Nazi Germanyball then decided to invade Soviet Unionball's clay in June 1941. also  Soviet Unionball and  UKball had invaded pahlavi Iranball, since it had joined axis as well.

    Back in East Asia, Japanball had invaded and raped Franceball's adoptive child French Indochinaball; however, adoptive parent itself was killed and Anschlussed by Nazi Germanyball, before forcing Thailandball to ally with it. In December 1941, it bombed USAball's Hawaiian clay, causing it to declare war on Japanball and Nazi Germanyball. After the attack, many South American countryballs like Colombia joined the Allies. Japanball responded by raping UKball's adoptive children in the South Pacific, Central Pacific, and Southeast Asia ( Hong Kongball Malaysiaball, Burmaball, British Tringapore, British Solomon Islandsball, and British Nauruball) and USAball's adoptive children ( Philippinesball and Guamball). By 1942, it bombed Darwinball, Australiaball and kidnapped  Bruneiball, Dutch East Indiesball, Territory of New Guineaball, and Portuguese Timorball. However, USAball won a decisive victory on Japanball's clay at Midway Island in 1942, then bombed Japanball's clay, before taking the Saipanball and  Guandalcanalball island clay (But Dutch East Indiesball and French Indochinaball lost their own homelands).

    The Tide Turns (1942-1943)

    In June 1941, Nazi Germanyball invaded both Sovietball's clay, and Vichy Franceball's clay in North Africa, its half-brothers French Algeriaball, Tunisiaball, and Libyaball. It also bombed British Maltaball's clay, but since this is really rather irrelevant we will move on. On the New Year's Day of 1942,  Mexicoball, Dominican Republicball Central America, and some countryballs joined with the Allies, forming an alliance called "United Nations" to defeat the fascist countryballs, and began to spread across the world. Meanwhile,  USAball helped the British army in North Africa, to defend Egyptball at El Alamein, and eventually liberated Franceball's adoptive North African children from their evil half-brother's control. In 1943, USAball and Brazilball invaded Kingdom of Italyball's southern clay, and UKball liberated Greeceball's island clay.

    In Eastern Europe, Nazi Germanyball had invaded most of Sovietball's clay, "liberating"  Byelorussian SSRball, Ukrainian SSRball, Estonian SSRball, Latvian SSRball, and Lithuanian SSRball, with its new ally Finlandball, but was bogged down in the winter of 1942-43 by the winter and  Sovietball's military tactics. It was forced to retreat, and was defeated at Kursk and Stalingrad on Sovietball's clay in 1943. By September 1943, Sovietball had reclaimed most of the SSRballs' clay, and Nazi Germanyball was on the retreat.

    In late 1943, UKball liberated its children British Burmaball, British Malayaball, and British Tringapore, and its real children Australiaball and New Zealandball helped chase Empire of Japanball out of Dutch East Indiesball, British Solomon Islandsball, and Territory of New Guineaball's clay. USAball landed in its child Philippinesball's clay in 1943, and started fighting with Empire of Japanball to liberate it.

    In Europe, however, Nazi Germanyball was busy murdering Jewcubes on Polandball's clay to notice Romaniaball, Finlandball and Bulgariaball abandoning it in favour of the Allies. USAball pushed up Italyball's clay, but Nazi Germanyball took the rest of it before USAball could liberate it, and it created Italian Social Republicball. Italyball then switched sides to join the Allies. Meanwhile, UKball helped liberate Abyssiniaball from Italyball in East Africa.

    Defeat of the Axis (1944-1945)

    By January 1944, USAball had liberated most of Kingdom of Italyball's clay and Philippinesball's clay in the Battle of Manila, and Sovietball had liberated  Polandball Czechoslovakiaball, and  Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball's clay, and defeated  Romaniaball, Finlandball and Bulgariaball.   UKball and Free Franceball then staged an invasion to liberate Franceball's clay from its evil twin brother at Monte Cassino in 1944, causing Vichy Franceball to surrender to the Allies (family tradition?). In June 1944, UKball, and its children Canadaball and USAball landed on Franceball's former clay, and liberated Paris, in September 1944.

    It's important to note that in 1943 and 1944, there were 2 uprisings happening in Poland. The 1943 one is known as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising where Polish Jews rose up against the Nazis who were going to transport the remaining ghetto population to Majdanek and Treblinka concentration camps.

    In 1944 another uprising in Warsaw happened as the Soviets were close to Warsaw and the Polish Underground Stateball hoped to liberate Warsaw before the Soviets arrived. The Warsaw uprising was the single largest military operation carried out by any European Resistance group in World War 2.

    Meanwhile, in the Pacific, USAball liberated some of Empire of Japanball's clay, including Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, while UKball rescued its adoptive child British Hong Kongball and helped Republic of Chinaball (1912-1949) kick out Japanball from its clay, along with Sovietball. By January 1945, USAball had secured the Pacific islands' clay, and Chinaball was heading north. Manchukuoball surrendered, while USAball finished up work on a special weapon to be used on either Nazi Germanyball or Japanball.

    In Europe, after the Battle of the Bulge in winter 1944-45, Nazi Germanyball had retreated from the Ardennes, and Luxembourgball, Belgiumball, and Netherlandsball had been liberated, the last one by Canadaball. Meanwhile, Kingdom of Italyball and Monacoball's clay had been liberated by USAball, and Sovietball had liberated Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball, Kingdom of Hungaryball, a newly liberated  Austriaball, Polandball, and a newly freed  Albaniaball's clay, rescuing the Jewcube that had not been murdered, and had even entered Nazi Germanyball's clay. By March 1945, Sovietball had won the Battle of Berlin, and was in the heart of Nazi Germanyball's clay. UKball and USAball joined it soon afterwards, and Nazi Germanyball was mortally wounded in late April, and committed suicide on the 8th of May, 1945, ending the war in Europe. Its children West Germanyball, and East Germanyball were adopted respectively by USAball and Sovietball. ReichRawr (aka the Saar) was created by Franceball, but eventually given to West Germanyball. Norwayball and  Denmarkball became free once again after Nazi Germanyball's death in May 1945.

    Meanwhile, Empire of Japanball withdrew from Chinaball, Taiwanball, and South Koreaball's clay, and considered surrendering when Sovietball declared war on it, but hesitated to do so until USAball dropped two nukes on its clay, causing it to surrender in August 1945, ending the war altogether. Sovietball and USAball both adopted the dying Koreaball's children, North Koreaball and South Koreaball then UKball, Franceball, Portugalball and Netherlandsball finally rescued their Childrens in Southeast Asia from Japanball, while Japanball was given free therapy by USAball after the war. USAball also helped rebuild the European balls' clay, while Sovietball exerted its control over its newly liberated territories. UNball was also created to help prevent another World War from happening ever again (hopefully), while the League of Nations was disbanded.

    After the War, both USAball and USSRball was recognized like the only 2 Super Powers in the world by other countryballs. All in all,  USSRball had the most casualties with over 27,000,000 deaths, the closest to it was  Chinaball, with 20,000,000, and then  Nazi Germanyball with 7,000,000(most of those were Soviet kills)


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