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    Poland cannot into space

    Poland cannot into space is a offensive joke running gag in the Polandball series that is based in Poland-icon.png Polandball's attempts to venture into space. Poland-icon.png Polandball's attempts always end in some sort of mishap preventing the desired goal of heading into space from happening. He got to and landed on space once, but fell back to Earth-icon.png Earth.

    It serves as a standard and classic way for countries to make fun of Polandball, one of the meme's most core principles. It has been elaborated on to extremities, has seen countless puns made based on it, and - in an event that astonished much of Polandball's followers, and cemented its popularity - is even an achievement in the video games "Europa Universalis IV", "Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World", "Hearts of Iron IV" and more[1][2].

    Origins of the joke

    "Poland Cannot Into Woman" (Click to enlarge)

    "Poland Cannot Into Space" is a classic joke that originated on the Krautchan imageboard along with Polandball. One of the most common ways of making fun of Poland was pointing out how poor of a country it was compared to larger economies like Russia and the United Kingdom. Therefore, people poked fun at Poland for being not only technologically underdeveloped, but being unable to go to space, like every other country in the world. (Which is not true, as Poland has active, although small space program and had sent an astronaut under USSR project. It also has slightly higher GDP (PPP) per capita than Russia.) Like many jokes in Polandball, it is tongue-in-cheek satire of the person making the joke. It also appears in other versions such as "Poland Cannot Into Woman"

    Why Poland cannot into space?

    The reason why Polandball "cannot into space" is because his flag is up-side-down.

    A common theme in Polandball comics is for Austria-icon.png Austriaball to explain the logic behind the Polandball universe satirically (under the title "Dr. Österreich"). One comic by a redditor states that the reason is because everything in Poland is upside-down, which is also the reason why Poland's flag colors are seen inversely from its real ones in all proper Polandball comics. Later in the comic, further referencing his Freudian stereotype, Austria begins to spontaneously declare that Poland is a stupid country with a bad economy that is hated by God.

    Dr. Österreich notes in another comic that Polish physics differ from the physics of other countries, resulting in Poland's upside down orientation. And, as mentioned, because of this, it would be extremely hard for Poland to float in space. His conclusion is that Poland's physics are so different from that of any other country (not on the level of Israel-icon.png Israelcube and Singapore-icon.png Tringapore, of course.) that it is impossible for Poland to into space. This theory failed once, but because two USA-icon.png Americans pushed him, Polandball fell back. Mirosław Hermaszewski (born September 15, 1941) is a retired Polish Air Force officer and cosmonaut. He became the first (and to this day remains the only) Polish national in space, when he flew aboard the Soviet Soyuz 30 spacecraft in 1978. (read more). BUT Poland-icon (space)-0.pngPOLAND STILL CANNOT INTO SPACEPoland-icon (space)-0.png because he has removed almost everything that happened in his Communism-icon.png Communist era, and try to starts everything all over again in his modern day, including space program.



    id:Poland cannot into space (Polandia tak bisa ke luar angkasa)

    zu:Poland abakwazi ukuya isikhala ro:Polonia_cannot into space

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