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    The Empire of KKKball Brazilball was Brazilball before it became a republic. In its Facebook page it is drawn as a rectangle, but its mostly known as a countryball.


    After Kingdom of Portugalball got its new clay in South America, such clay grew stronk and became the largest colonial clay in the continent. In September 1822, the Portuguese prince D. Pedro I proclaimed the independence of the colony, and the (Independent) Kingdom of Brazilball was born, and finally, in December of 1822, the kingdom turned itself into the Empire of Brazilball.

    In 1851, it won the Platinean war against Argentinaball and took some clay from them. One decade later, it was Paraguayball's time to gib some clay to the HUE and some other countries.

    After the abolition of slavery in 1888, when the 8ball was set free on the entire nation, the Republicans had some popularity in the army and made a Coup D'etát in 1889, and exiled the Emperor; but this was unpopular, since the emperor was really popular. The 1993 referendum could, but didn't, bring it back.



    • UKball - Can into removing Argentina!, but after Christie question the things were a little complicated.
    • Cisplatinaball - Filho that got independência ... olá Uruguai!
    • First Mexican Empireball and Second Mexican Empireball - Good amigo and partner.
    • USAball - Cousin, it was the first country to recognize me.
    • Brazilball - I used to hate it when it was a military dictatorship. But now it is my future self who makes me proud. He really admires me. Go Bolsonaro and REMOVE the socialists and the commies of Lula Da Silva and Dilma Rouselff. Wait... did I just heard that Lula won and return?!
    • Brazilian Monarchist Moviment - Please, bring the Glorious Empire back!


    How to draw

    This could be as hard as drawing Vaticanball.
    1: Draw a black circle.
    2: Draw a diamond in the center (make it big enough so it touches the edges of the circle).
    3: Color the background green.
    4: Draw the Empire of Brazil's symbol (laurels with cherries (left) and small pink flowers (right) connected by a ribbon under a shield containing the 20 stars (states of Brazil back then) in a circle surrounding a cross (like the Iron Cross except the borders are red and the inner color is white) inside a yellow globe with a yellow sash on it, with Brazil's Imperial Crown above (look it up)).
    5: Add eyes and you're done (with the countryball).
    6: (OPTIONAL) Add a royal mantle, a sash, a collar of an order (if you like) and the Imperial Crown and you're completely done.


    pt:Império do Brasilball

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