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    Buenos Aires Provinceball is a provinceball of Argentinaball. It is the urban center of Argentina, it has few green places in the urbanization but the WHO (World Health Organization) forces it to have at least 10 square meters. It can into highest populated province in all of Argentinaball. Proud of me parent?

    It also has one of the most polluted rivers in the world, but it has good health since it has a lot of infrastructure and money and as its parent Argentinaball it likes sports, like football (quite obvious, right?). Culture is very diverse, like its meals. It also makes a fashion event (because it is the capital), it loves to dance and it is also known for that. Unfortunately, it can also into a 35% poverty rate. Around half of all Argentinaballs are in Buenos Aires Provinceball. It is liked by most of its siblings, except Buenos Airesball, who mocks him for being the darker, more dangerous version of him Just wait, I will of anschluss yuo one day... It is the birthplace of current president Mauricio Macri. Former presidents Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Eduardo Duhalde and Raúl Alfonsín were also born in its clay.


    Buenos Aires Provinceball was born as a 7ball, as the son of Argentinaball. It could into capital until Buenos Airesball turned into capital 1880 worst year of my life!!!

    How to draw

    Draw Buenos Aires Provinceball is quite difficult:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape
    2. Draw the symbol in the middle.
    3. Draw a thin red line from the edge of the circle to the symbol
    4. Color the upper half blue and the lower half green.
    5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


    es:Buenos Airesball

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