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    ​ ​Argentine Confederationball​ was a historical countryball in South America run by  Federalistballs.

    It was very (VERY) belicous.


    In the year 1830 the provinces from the ​ United Provinces of Rio de la Plataball  provinces created two alliances, the Liga del Interior and the ​​ Federal Pact, and started a civil war that ended with the federals winning and Argentinaball becoming the ​​ Argentine Confederation.

    In 1832 the ​​ Argentine Confederation, along with ​ Chileball, defeated the ​​ Pincheira Bandball.

    in the same year ​ Gringo attacked ​​ Argentinaball's colony on the  Falklands, but ​​ Argentina resisted the attack and continued being around the weakened island's colonies.

    In 1833 ​UKball arrived to the islands and asked nicely demanded Argentina to leave the place and take back the claim of them, which ​​ Argentina did. Despite this, the relations between those two remained okay.

    Around the same year ​​ Argentinaball made expeditions to ​Wallmapurawr and took some of its clay, also becoming ​​ Tehuelcheball's friend and helping him against sickness.

    In 1837 ​Argentina declared war against the ​Peru-Bolivian Confederationball to get back ​Tarijaball, which ended up being cut in half. Another civil war between federals and unitaries (which were helped by ​Franceball) started and the federals won.

    During 1839 to 1843 ​​​​​​​ Argentina helped the ​​ Blancos Government rule ​Uruguay, defeating the ​​ Colorados and blocking their naval trade of the last city they were controlling. 

    In 1842  Kingdom of Italyball tried to break the naval blockade, but it was defeated by the  Argentine Confederation, so it escaped to  Montevideoball to help the  Colorados resist against the  Blancos.

    In 1844 ​USAball didn't noticed about the situation in ​Uruguay and got attacked by ​​ Argentina while trying to trade. But both of them stopped fighting and ​USAball leaved the river.

    UKball and ​Franceball blocked the Silver River in 1845 as a response of the ​uruguayan situation​​​​​, but they left after ​UKball got its ass kicked JA and ​Franceball surrendered as always.

    In 1851 ​Buenos Airesball (the boss of the other provinces) wanted to annex ​Uruguayball, but ​​ ​​ ​some provinces betrayed him and with the support of The ​Brazilian Empire and ​Uruguay they almost killed ​Buenos Airesball. The unitaries, liderated by ​Entre Riosball, proceeded to take over the rest of the provinces to create a unified Argentina, but ​Buenos Airesball rejected that and became the ​State of Buenos Ayres In 1852, the rest of the provinces unified in a ​​ confederation again.

    In 1859 ​Spainball accepted that ​​ Argentina was independent​​​.

    In 1861 the ​​ Argentine Confederation fought against the ​State of Buenos Ayres and ​Buenos Ayres ended up being annexed by the ​​ confederation, becoming modern-day ​​ Argentina. ​Buenos Airesball started another civil war making the rest of the provinces into unitario.




    •  Chileball - Well, maybe you didn't accept forming an alliance with me, but at least we dissolved Peru-Bolivia together so we are fine I guess.
    •  Wallmapurawr - Maybe you are a savage, but you are not my priority.


    •  July Monarchyball - JAJAJAJA take that yuo boludo! go to block your mommy's river next time! I kicked your ass two times!
    •  UKball - KJJJJ JAJ, you didn't learned the lesson when you failed to invade me TWO TIMES right? that's why I kicked your butt a third time.
    •  Brazilian EmpireballScrewings yuo, you didn't defeated me, the ones that defeated me were the provinces that betrayed me!!!!!
    •  Entre RiosballTRAITOR!
    •  Peru-Bolivian Confederationball - Heck, you really were a threat, didn't yuo? I took some clay from yuo at least.
    •  USAball - I can't believe that you used such a stupid reason to attack Puerto Soledad, seriously.
    •  Uruguayball - My province in denial that helped Entre Rios. YUO SHOULD BE MINE!
    •  State of Buenos Ayresball - JA! INDEPENDENCE FROM ME MY BUTT! .........wait how did i annexed yuo if i loosed-?


    es:Confederación Argentinaball

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