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    Chagatai Khanateball was a Nomad Khanate in the Altai Mountains and Central Asia. Because it is a Karluk Turk, they are the ancestors of modern-day Uzbekistanball, Xinjiangball. It was born in the 13th century after the fragmentation of the Mongol Empireball and died in the 1340s.


    Chagatai Khanateball was born after Mongol Empireball invaded Qara Khitaiball and it wasn't until 1225 when they were born via as a vassal revising Mongol Empireball's orders. In 1238 Chagatai had to put down an uprising in Bukharaball was put down by Chagatai Khan who died in 1242. After some civil wars Chagatai Khanateball was independent from Mongol Empireball.

    Chagataiball and Yuanball always hated each other in the disputed region of Tarim Basin after Chagatai Khanateball drove out an agent of Yuanball agent to secure the region. They asked Golden Hordeball to go to war against Yuanball who sent a giant fleet. In 1267 they attempted to attack Ilkhanateball but the Ilkhans were allied with Yuanball and defeated Chagatai in Afghanistanball.

    In 1275 Chagatai Khanateball went to invade Yuanball once again but that sucked, so he avenged its parent's defeat in India and invaded Punjabball pushing further into Delhi Sultanateball's clay. Yuanball defeated them again and Chagtaiball met heavy losses. Finally, they recognized Yuan's authority becoming more friendly. A secondary successful invasion against Delhi Sultanateball lead to Chagatai Khanate sacking Delhiball. They invaded Delhi Sultanateball again but Delhi repelled the attack. Many series of events fought about Chagatai's politics causing political turmoil.

    In 1315 Chagatai invaded Ilkhanateball´s clay in vengeance for all those times Ilkhanate teamed up against it. Yuanball attacked him in surprise and was of occupying Issyk Kulball. Chagatai was forced to make peace with Ilkhanateball and Yuanball after the Chagatai prince Yasa´ur was killed.

    Chagatai Khanateball started to promote Christianity and built a church, but Kebabs weren't too fond of it and killed a Christian sent by the pope to southeast of modern-day Kazakhbrick.

    In the 1340's Chagatai Khanateball faced several revolts due to instability eventually dying and splitting into the west and the east. The short-lived western Chagatai khanate soon becomes anschlussed by the traitor Timurid Empireball while the eastern realm lives on as the successor khanate of Moghulistanball.


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