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    Stepanakertball or Khankendiball is the capital of the unrecognized Republic of Artsakhball, claimed by Azerbaijanball but de facto independent.


    Stepanakertball was called Vararaknball in medieval times, but was renamed by kebabs in 1847 to Khankendiball. Was a successful cityball in the region. When Sovietball took over he was renamed to his current name, Stepanakertball, in 1923. He became capitalball of Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblastball, as it was made inside Azerbaijan SSRball as a compromise between Armens and Azeris. Always had an Armenian majority, as kebabs only made up as much as 14% of population by 1989.

    In February 20, 1988 Stepanakertball protested for either independence or rejoining Armeniaball because Azerbaijanball was oppressive, and Nagorno-Karabakhball voted for independence. Kebabs became furious and started bombing Stepanakertball from nearby Shushiball (which is in mountains while Stepanakertball is in a valley). But then Armeniaball captured Shushiball and removed the kebab in 1992. Stepanakertball was destroyed in the war, but is almost completely rebuilt now.

    Has his own airport (which he's not allowed to use or else Azerbaijanball will shoot planes down), and is home to the famous "Tatik-Papik" statue (also called "We Are Our Mountains"), which has become a symbol for Artsakhball.

    He narrowly avoided destruction in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war.

    Twin Cityballs

    How to Draw

    Stepanakertball can into his own flag.

    • Draw a black-outlined circle
    • In the middle, draw a red-outlined circle.
    • Inside the circle, draw green lines in the form of a circle.
    • In middle, draw the famous "Tatik-Papik" statue.
    • Draw the eyes and you're finished.

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