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    Busan rawr is a deer hit by a car wanting to invade its own virus city in southeastern South Koreaball. Busanball is popular for shopping malls, resorts, and beaches.

    Busanball is also the second most populated city in South Korea. Busanball is a city primarily for leisure and tourism, while Seoulball is a city primarily for Governmental work and tourism.

    Busanball has the world's largest department store (Shinsagae)


    In 757, the name Dongnae was chosen for the cityball's name.

    In the 15th century, Joseonball opened Busanball's port to trade with Tokugawaball and allowed settlement on Busanball's clay. After Tokugawaball's invation in 1592, Busanball became free from Tokugawaball.

    During Japanese Empireball's rule over the Korean Empireball, Japanese Empireball called Busanball "Fusanball". Busanball became the first cityball in Korean Empireball to adopt the steam tramway.

    During the Korean War, South Koreaball could only protect the cities in the Busan perimeter. Later in Incheonball, the battle of Incheon happened and made UNball and South Koreaball out of the Busan perimeter. Busanball had one of the only two refugee camps from the Korean War.

    In 1963, Busan was independent out of Gyeongsangnam-doball, which is a province in South Koreaball, and started the Busan Metropolitan City.

    Busanball is one of the cityballs that had World Cup games during the 2002 World Cup and also the cityball to have the 2002 Busan Asian Games.



    • USAball- My parent's ally. It has military bases in my clay and it loves me and my beaches.
    • Daeguball- Sibling, nice guy and it's hot in the summer.
    • Daejeonball- Sibling, one of the siblings who had expo.


    • Japanball- South Korea says to hate its sometimes, but makes good anime and dramas.


    • North Koreaball- Evil relative, tries to nuke me even if nuke doesn't come to me. AMERICA WILL REMOVE YUO!
    • Rasonball - Evil Cousin, lives really far away.
    • Nampoball- Evil Cousin


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