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    Romaniball is an Indian immigrant during the classical period, also known as Gypsyball, or Romaball, is a culture and people without clay of its own. Romaball speaks its own language and has dialects depending on which area of Europe it lives in. It is heavily discriminated against by Europeans.


    Romaball came from Indiaball in about 1000-1200 CE, and migrated into the Balkans and Western Europe, some eventually even moved to Swedenball and Russiaball's clay. It made a living by travelling around Europe to do building, making medicine, and fortune telling.
    It was enslaved by Romaniaball for many years until slavery was banned in the 1800s. During this time, Romaball immigrated to the USAball, Mexicoball Colombiaball and Brazilball's clay, and could officially into New World. It has the largest population in Egyptball's clay, where it mistakes as its homeland. Romaball served in Romaniaball's military in both world wars, but in World War II, Romaball had been captured and tortured by Nazi Germanyball, along with Jews.

    After the war, Romaball received no reparation for the torture, and was banned from migrating by USSRball, who threw Romaballs into slums. Despite years of persecution and harassment, Romaball has found friends in Indiaball (its original homeland), UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Greece.




    • South Koreaball - Good morning! Pastor! The pastor's k-pop and drama are always fun. But you must know the history of World War II right away! Remember the Porajmos!
    • Icelandball - .....
    • Samiball - What is they of? Scandinavia Gypsy?



    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Romaball.

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    es:Gitanoball pl:Gypsyball zh:吉普赛球 ja:ジプシー es:Gitanoball pl:Gypsyball zh:吉普赛球 ja:ジプシー

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