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    Cebu Cityball is a major city of the Philippinesball, birth town of one of the country's pre-colonial heroes and landing place of the first Spaniards in the archipelago of the Philippines. It is the capital of the Cebu province. It is commonly known as the "Queen City of the South." Cebu Cityball was the capital of the Philippines until 1571.


    Pre-colonial 4-icon.png 1-icon.png 1-icon (division).png

    Cebu Cityball started out as a 1-icon.png 1ball finding new land. He lived peacefully as a part-fisherman farmer and trading with other Asian Nations. He became 1-icon (division).png Rajahnate of Cebuball with Sri Lumay and burns everyone with "Sugbu" or "great fire". He encountered with Explorer Magellan on 1521, gifting friendship & Christianity. Everything stayed the same as Magellan died.

    Colonial Era Spanish Empire-icon.png 1-icon (colony).png

    In 1565, Explorer Miguel Lopez de Legaspi ended the rajah kingdom and established the first Spanish colony in the Philippines. Cebu's economy sucks for some reason in the Galleon Trade but he stayed happy. 1860 was the best year of Cebu when trade was opened for the world. It's has the Cebuano Town of San Nicolas, Chinese Districts of Pari-an & Lutao and nearby towns of El Pardo, Mabolo & Mandaue. It ended when Tres de Abril happened in April 3, 1898

    American Period Murica-icon.png

    When Manifest Destiny reached Cebu for surrender in 1898, revolutionaries just surrender for freedom  peace. America built everything to make Cebu, a city. It does in 1937 but ruined when Anime Empire aka Evil sushi conquered it in 1942, but it became free soon after.

    Post-War Period

    After America was happy to the Philippines in 1945, Cebu City grew steadily as to Mandaue City & Lapu-Lapu City. Building a Mactan Bridge & Mactan Airport for Lapu-Lapu City. It ended when Literal Hell attacked the poor city. 


    After Hell attacked the poor city, Cebu City went haywire and become the "Queen City of the South"

    Today he is building a huge bay bridge that will be the tallest and longest bridge of the Philippines

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