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    Spratly-icon.png Spratlyball is an archipelago of disputed islands between China-icon.png Chinaball, Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball, Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball, Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball, Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball and Malaysia-icon.png Malaysiaball in the South China Sea. They have become relevant to some degree after Chinaball decided to build airbases and artificial islands on his clay.


    Confused. Very Very confused. Spratly is not able to answer life questions such as "Where do you come from?" and "Who are you?". This causes spratly to have major mental issues in which he does not have a friend he can trust. He doesn't know where to go. He is considering suicide.


    Records show the islands as inhabited at various times in history by Chinese and Vietnamese fishermen. Later, he was discovered by UKball who quickly lost interest in the clay. Until recent times, not much really has happened to this disputed territory. About 2 years ago, Chinaball started to build military bases and is now sending fighter jets.

    Issues with the Archipelago





    • Palau-icon.png Palauball - Oh shut up Palau, just because you could become independent it doesn't mean you can shove it in my face ok... OK??!!!??!!!!
    • Vanuatu-icon.png Vanuatuball, Fiji-icon.png Fijiball - Jealous of you. Sure, you get all the attention from Australiaball and New Zealandball just because they're closer to you.


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