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    Khoisanball was an ancient civilization in Southern Africa living in mostly Namibiaball and South Africaball ( Northern Capeball). He is an 8ball, due to admixture with Bantus and geographic reasons. Prior to admixture with Bantus however, he was the least related countryball to any other population on the planet, as his ancestors were the first to split off from the other anatomically-modern caveballs. Today, the Khoisan inhabit mainly Southern Africa (except the Hadza and Sandawe people who live in Central Tanzaniaball), but there is evidence that at one point in history, the Khoisan used to inhabit pretty much all of South and East Africa, at least all the way to  Ethiopiaball.  Bantuball migrations displaced most of the Khoisan in East and South Africa, but some  Bantuball groups like the Xhosa have some Khoisan admixture. 

    Republic of South Africa - Unity in Diversity
    Provinces and dependencies Western Capeball Northern Capeball Eastern Capeball Free Stateball KwaZulu-Natalball Gautengball Northwestball Limpopoball Mpumalangaball Robben Islandball Marion Islandball
    Capitals Pretoriaball Bloemfonteinball Cape Townball Johannesburgball
    Former entities 8ball Kingdom of Mapungubweball Dutch Cape Colonyball Ndwandweball Natalia Republicball Griqualand Westball Griqualand Eastball Goshenball Stellalandball Upingtoniaball Nieuwe Republiekball Klein Vrystaatball Zulu Kingdomball Orange Free Stateball Transvaalball Colony of Natalball Cape Colonyball British Transvaalball Union of South Africaball Bantustanballs
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