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    "Česko může mít pivo!"
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    Hi, I am Bresbeba, moderator of this wiki.

    About me

    I started being interested in polandballs around the turn of 2015. In April 2015 I found this wiki. About start of July, I wanted to be a contributor here, and not just watch other contributors' work. Maybe I started to want to it when I saw some about users and wars on a very ugly wiki today, but forget about it. On 4th August, I created an account and week after it I made my first contribution - on page Českoball on Czech version of this wiki I fixed some bugs. My first contribution on English version was on page Georgiaball - I added second börk. In April 2016, I started to make a lot of new pages. These days, I am a moderator of this wiki and with 4 090 points I am 16th on leaderboard.

    I live in Kolín, Central Bohemia district, Czech Republic. I like Geography, History, national anthems and foreign languages (my favourite is Japanese). I am winner of Czech Geography olympics 2016. I have seventeen polandball plushies and more than seven polandball T-shirts.

    My templates

    70px This user is Czech.
    "Česko může mít pivo!"

    What I do on the Wiki

    Currently I am rather inactive on this Wiki. If you need help with anything regarding polandball or this Wiki, feel free to contact me on my message wall.

    My plaques from Polandball Wikia's Choice Awards

    South Korea best korea - 5 votes. now: which is best name of Georgia?
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