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    Hello, and I'm here on this wiki.

    The Story of How he got into Countryballs

    One day of November 2015 (which 2015 was the best year of his life), Malaysia-icon.png GreenFoxKidsGaming was watching a bunch of YouTube videos with no channel. When he watched a few Battle for Dream Island episodes and a few Minecraft videos, he found a Minecraft video with Countryballs (which was made by PWA, and the video was titled "Countryballs in Minecraft! Part 1"), and he loved it. And that's how he got into Countryballs. Nowadays, he's on this wiki, making drawings of Countryballs.

    Countryball OCs that I basically made (yes, I have made myself some Countryball OCs)

    Drawings I've made


    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - I recognize Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan as a country. Both China-icon.png China and Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan are amazing.
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - I love Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo, but I don't recognize it as a full country. It's technically still part of Serbia-icon.png Serbia.
    • Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball - Well everyone, Crimea-icon.png Crimea is independent. Seriously, what's the point about calling it either a part of Russia-icon.png Russia or Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine.
    • Abkhazia-icon.png Abkhaziaball - Abkhazia-icon.png Abkhazia is totally independent, and has been since the late 1990s.
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - Palestine-icon.png Palestine is also independent. But kinda needs to bring peace to Israel-icon.png Israel, because both Palestine-icon.png Palestine and Israel-icon.png Israel are good, but could get along and bring peace to each other.
    • South Ossetia-icon.png South Ossetiaball - South Ossetia-icon.png South Ossetia is still part of Georgia-icon.png Georgia.
    • Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf) - The Persian Gulf (or Arabian Gulf) is owned by Iran-icon.png Iran and Egypt-icon.png Egypt. Yes, I recognize the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf) as part of those countries, though it's just my recognition. I know Arab countries and Iran-icon.png Iran are in a dispute on what the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf) should be called, but it's just what I think who owns the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf).
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - South Korea-icon.png South Korea is the REAL KOREA. You see, I do watch some of South Korea-icon.png South Korea's shows. I like a few Samsung products. And from what I saw in a few sources, North Korea-icon.png North Korea is torturing their people. And Kim Jong-Un has killed many of his family members. So overall, North Korea-icon.png North Korea is the fake Korea, and South Korea-icon.png South Korea is the real Korea.


    • As mentioned above, he got into Countryballs in 2015 (and 2015 was the best year of his life).
    • His favorite Countryball is Portugal-icon.png Portugalball.
    • His favorite Countryballs channel is PWA.
    • His #1 favorite show of all time is SpongeBob.
    • He once made a comic called ISISball's Revenge, and he used real flags. However, he was told not to use any Copy and Pasted flags, and he did understand. Ever since then, he draws Countryballs on paper.
    • He edits this page a lot.
    • Sometimes, he watches BFDI, and his favorite BFDI character is Lightning, and has been his favorite character from BFDI since BFB 1 came out in November 2017 (and November 2017 was the best month of 2017 of his life).
    • His favorite drawing he made was his drawing of Colombia-icon.png Colombiaball.

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