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    Hi. I'm Shiningflair. You can also call me Sandy.

    My pronouns are she/her.

    I like to draw countryballs, play piano, and hang out with my friends. Usually, I'm busy with school so I'm not going to be the most active on here :))

    PBW Administrator and Head Councilor on the PBW Discord.


    My userball

    My userboxes:

    This user is Female.
    734839 123081847860125 1037531438 n.png This user is American.
    "God bless 'Murica."
    Yetehka.jpg This user is Chinese.
    Californiaball-0.png This user is Californian.
    "#1 state in the US (in homelessness!)"
    Acetool.png This user is Asexual.
    "sex is pretty cringe"
    Lesbianball.png This user is Lesbian.
    "I like my same sex as a girl."
    968964 143468449188415 69232730 n.jpg This user speaks English.
    "Yes, of course!"
    Mandarinball.png This user speaks Mandarin Chinese.
    Liberalismball.png This user is Liberal.
    "Regulate the free market and respect the minorities!"
    Scdemocracyball.png This user is Social democratic.
    "We will establish a welfare state and liberal democracy!"
    Democracyball.png This user is Democratic.
    "Can I into vote?"
    Feminismball.png This user is Feminist.
    "Equality! Women are also stronk!"
    Progressivism userbox.png This user is Progressive.
    "You want your country back? I want my country forward!"
    Apathy.png This user is an Apatheist.
    "What's up there doesn't matter to me. I'm not interested at all."
    2-icon.png0-icon.png2-icon.png1-icon.png This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2021
    Happyball.png This user is Active.
    DiscordLogo.png This user is on Polandball Wiki Discord Server

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