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    Hi, I am a cube. I like cubes. I have no Discord account, but I having a Scratch account. I like drawing me and other balls and bricks and cubes and rawrs, is fun. I also want an icon like other balls, bricks, cubes, and rawrs. I also want to being country. I help in Islam and kebabs history makings. I like kebabs and cubes.



    URSL A.K.A United Republics of South Levant (Yes, I forgot the L in URSL while making my account) was so interested in history that she thought she could be a historian. And, one day during the second year of COVID-19, she got sick and was quarantined. While searching through Youtube to ease the pain of having a dangerous virus, she found a MAP(Multi-Animator project) about World War II."HHHHMM," she thought, looking carefully at the video thumbnail, "I know a lot about World War II, I'm sure I can handle this video," What she didn't know that it would turn her world up-side-down for the better or for the worse. Because, dear reader, the MAP was a country human MAP, and URSL didn't know that at the time.

    Post-Countryhuman fan love[edit]

    By the end of April, she was discussing and chattering about countryhumans and also started considering the fandom. If you do not know, the countryhuman fandom is very sensitive because of the many 'ships' and no-no art people make. With four siblings who all were in elementary at the time, she thought it was best to leave the fandom in search of another one like it.

    Polandball at last[edit]

    It took two days to find this fandom, and when URSL did she was so happy that she learned all the rules of this fandom in one night. She was glad that she found a better fandom than Countryhumans that was safe for her and her siblings. She made her OCs' URSLcube and ???ball. Soon, on Nov. 20, 2023, she found the Polandball Wiki site and decided to join.



    • - Me like you, go be free 26+6=1
    • - You also want freedom so yay
    • - Beat bully Russiaball okay
    • - You okay
    • - You okay, be safe from water tho
    • - I like you but don't go too freedom-y on my clay
      • What's wrong with that?
    • - You good, but give workers money. You have a lot of that, so shouldn't be a problem.
    • - I like you you are real, but add more clays okay
    • - You good also, but you useless


    • - I have nothing for you just no double standards on any clay
    • - Nothing for you, just don't beat Palestine up
    • - If you bad please tell me, if not, tell me anyway.
      • ...
      • URSL: You neutral
    • - You are nice, but you having terrorist clay in your clay
    • - You also nice but clays say you bad
    • - You okay but I don't talk to you cuz you too far away
    • You make clays be Chinaball or Chinaball makes clays be you


    • You are extreme, and only use is for genocide
    • You also extremely bad.
    • You very bad clay. Should be removed from Earthball clay.
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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.