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    Polandball Wiki

    — Seagulls from Finding Nemo
    Death is a concept invented by the Jedi
    — Palpatine

    Hello there, Im just some Australian asian guy who mostly chills on the wiki server. occasionally I'll check on this wiki, but that's mostly all you'll hear from me.

    please do not push me. I have a long temper, but when it triggers, I WILL get angry.



    nicknames I accept

    • Nash
    • HS

    Le polandball fedora.png This user sucks at drawing comics.
    Nashorntangle.jpg This user is Nashorntangle.

    u can also find me on discord too, my tag is HerrSpiridus#9233

    My favourite games

    • World of tanks blitz - MAUS
    • EVE online - can i bring my drake?
    • Team Fortress 2 - off to camp in 2fort's intel/sewers.
    • Mario kart 8 deluxe - BLUE TURTLE SHELL AAAAAAAAA
    • CoD Bo2 - occasionally play it
    • Pokemon Black 2, Omega Ruby, Go, LGEevee and Sword - good games
    • War Thunder - Stuka dive-bombing noises
    • Borderlands 2 - Two words my friend! No Refunds.
    • Gran Turismo 6 - man I wish I had a PS4/Xbox 1

    countries that I like

    • New Zealand-icon.pngNew Zealand-beautiful country, with lots of places to visit and relaxing places to stay for a holiday(though I prefer the countryside more) favourite spots here are Milford sound(its actually a fjorge)and Queenstown. (gib me all ur salmon und prawns from ur farms)
    • Singapore-icon.pngSingapore-nice place there, especially the airport. plenty of Japanese food there lah, as well as some relatives. I like their Teh Tarik(milk tea)
    • Malaysia-icon.pngMalaysia-legoland. nuff said help plox
    • Indonesia-icon.pngIndonesia-nice food und culture there, some of my relatives live there as well. gib ayam pangan und ayam goreng pls. also bali is my most favourite spot in Indonesia(mich mother ist Indonesian)
    • Thailand-icon.pngThailand-its nice there, and a relative of mich live there
    • Japan-icon.pngJapan- they have very nice food and culture, wish I could go there
    • China-icon.pngChina-ancestors came from there, nice food too
      • Hong Kong-icon.pngHong Kong-lovely place, Hong Kong milk tea best milk tea
    • Taiwan-icon.pngTaiwan-Taiwanese bubble tea best bubble tea
    • France-icon.pngFrance and Belgium-icon.pngBelgium-gib crepes und waffles plox
    • Canada-icon.pngCanada-very nice place, although there is too much traffic(LA makes it look like nothing though) Niagara was nice and relaxing, and a bit of Toronto looked like Times Square. (I WANT A BASEMENT FOR MY HOUSE) have some relatives there.
    • USA-icon.pngUSA-surprisingly friendly place, I enjoyed their burgers. also have some relatives there.
      • Los Angeles-icon (shades).pngLos Angeles-have two little cousins on one elder cousin around my age that live there. Scenery? decent. Congestion? terrible. Public transport? NON-EXISTENT.
      • San Diego-icon.pngSan Diego-SEAAWOOORRRRLLLLDDDD!!!!!! where I got my obsession for killer whales
      • Arizona-icon.pngArizona-very arid., makes for good scenery. bastille's pompeii played when i drove into a big valley(talk about perfect timing) also dominated by Route 66(get your kicks on route 66)
    • Philippines-icon.pngPhillippines-my father comes from there.
    • Germany-icon.pngGermanyball-gib Frankfurts for saussage sizzles. also the country in which I tend to use some of its language from. one day....
    • Vietnam-icon.pngVietnamball-vietnamese noodles best noodles

    countries I dislike

    side note: the following are here because of my political opinions.

    • North Korea-icon.pngNorth Korea-may start WWIII.
    • USA-icon.pngUSA- While you sit around and preach that you will solve everything, I am CHOKING IN SMOKE FROM THE FIRES YOU HAVE SOME PART IN.
    • Indonesia-icon.pngIndonesia-much corruption, many racism, STOP OPPRESSING CHRISTIAN MINORITY
    • China-icon.pngChina-trying to influence neighbouring countries politics.

    50049133.png This user is Australian.
    "G'day mate!"
    Photo Dec 24, 5 11 01 PM.png This user is New South Welsh.
    "First state, oldest state, best state."
    Capitalismball2.png This user is Capitalist.
    "Marx Was Wrong Capitalists Stronk!"
    Yetehka.jpg This user is Chinese.
    10439323 331036240389692 4634932731370941595 n.png This user is Indonesian.
    "If yuo callings me Polandia one more time!"
    PhilippinesballSB.png This user is Filipino.
    "Pinoy malakas! remove drugs! Duterte Duterte!"
    Drawing-151.sketchpad.png This user is male
    Socialismball.png This user is Socialist.
    "Work harder! We are the leftists! Work work work!"
    Communistball improved.png This user is Communist.
    File:Protestantball.png This user is Protestant.
    "Mah Bible!"
    ChristianFamily(Cheebow8).jpeg This user is Christian.
    "Father, Son and Holy Spirit"
    2-icon.png0-icon.png1-icon.png7-icon.png This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2017
    Woken up.png This user is currently Semi–active.
    "I have things to do elsewhere"
    Kebab Remover.jpg This User Is A Kebab Remover.
    "Remove Kebab from the premises!"
    default Zis user ist eine anschlusser.
    DiscordLogo.png This user is on Polandball Wiki Discord Server
    Reditlinkball.png This user is a /r/polandballer.
    "Upvote my comic plox"

    Former PIA

    Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 3.33.02 pm.png
    • Spicy-Meatball-icon.pngFloofy2-she technically made me join the wiki because of a thread game :P was part of the PIA(floofy)
    • Crev29-icon.pngcrev29-lost his account, made a new one. was part of the PIA(crev)
    • Enjania Icon.pngNJball-le undertale fan."your gonna have a bad time." was part of the PIA(NJ)
    • Byz-icon.pngbyzantivm-mein favorite anschluss victim. hes a nice guy, and a good artist. was part of the PIA and is now part of the bro code.
    • SuperMobb-icon.pngSuperMobb-I joined his (now dead) group after the PIA was disbanded. was part of the PIA(mobb)
    • FriedWAffles-Hat.gifFried-Welcome back(was part of the PIA)
    • Crash2-icon.pngThe Planless Crashman-teach me the way of the pyro. was part of the PIA(crash)
    • UltraSuperman-icon.pngUltraSuperman-good friend. was part of the PIA(Ultra/Soupman)
    • Hungarian Mapper-icon.pngHungarianMapper17-was part of the PIA(hungarian)

    Former British colonyro code

    Nash-b(reak time)ro code.png
    • Byz-icon.pngbyz-was part of the pia and now part of the bro code. good friend and artist, and one of my oldest friends on the wiki.please respond to the letters i sent du. Or else ich will demolish ihr house with der tank(gag where i always was drawn behind him)(byz)
    • NotFunnyChan69(Flower)-icon.png NF-nice person, and a good artist too. NF x Byz canon ship. doesn't have a very good family, but at least we're here to comfort her. she's a good friend. the true and only legal simp to byz
    • TGC-Nationalist-icon.pngTGC-nice cool guy, german demoknight tf2. may or may not fuel my wehraboo german obsession. join me or else you will die.
    • Switz1815-icon.pngswitz-silence volcel
    • Ivih-icon.png ivih-one of the most horny members of the bro code. FOR THE LAST TIME EEVEE CEASE YOUR HORNINESS! also, EEEEEEEEEEVVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
    • Serbia-icon.png KIK-good person to talk to.
    • Avery-icon.png Avery-discord owner moment, and a good person to talk to. Im not a fucking furry REEEEE No my funny privileges nooooooo


    • AkkoKun-icon (shogun).pngAkkoKun-weeb friend(FBI OPEN UP!*explosion and gunfire noises
    • OptimusPrime33-icon.pngOP33-Fellow Sydneysider! actually lives somewhat close to me. please get over the drama BKB is creating to you, it only feeds the fire I hope we never meet IRL. also Soundwave superior(op)
    • Kitty-Icon.pngKitty-had my initial doubts, but she's pretty nice. meow. alsodogsarebetter(meow)
    • ZARGH-icon.pngZARGH-WoTB player ill crush your little tanks with my maus
    • Gatoricon.gifgator- WoTB player, nub learn to play heavies reeeeeeeee (im joking) (Gator)

    drawn by me

    drawn by others

    Group drawings

    non-userball art

    |-|PWSC results=

    Edition Song Artist Place Points
    PWSC XIII Uranium fever Elton britt 14th 62
    PWSC XIV Geronimo Sheppard 6 93
    PWSC XVII Jet lag Simple plan ft Natasha Bedingfield 24 18
    PWSC XVIII Pompeii Bastille 3rd 116



    Upcoming travels


    Postponed FUUUU-


    Wish list

    • Ich kann deutsch von der seite abholen (i can pick up German from that page)
    • Heute (today)
    • Viel spaß! (Have fun!)
    • Guten tag/morgen/nacht (good day/morning/night)
    • Willkomme (Welcome)
    • Nashorn (pronounced naz-horn.) (Rhino)
    • kan nicht sprechen deutsch(cant speak german)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Black {{{color1-rgb}}} {{{color1-cmyk}}} #000000
    White {{{color2-rgb}}} {{{color2-cmyk}}} #FFFFFF
    Torch Red {{{color3-rgb}}} {{{color3-cmyk}}} #FF1B1B
    Navy {{{color4-rgb}}} {{{color4-cmyk}}} #00008b

    pls note that the helmet is part of the userball, so when i ask to be drawn i expect my helmet to make an appearance

    body and eyepatch

    1.draw the outline and fill with red, white and black 2.draw a shield over the right eye and fill with navy 3.draw the Australian flag in the shield. 4.add additional details(eyes, shadows etc) done


    1.draw the body, cockpit and engine bays 2.draw the wings on the side of the ball 3.colour it black/charcoal(outline can be either)

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