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    Hey there stalker fellow user welcome to Inten's userpage
    Welcome to IntenCity999's userpage.
    Have fun exploring? Leave questions and messages in the Message wall.

    IntenCity999, also known as Batman Inten is an semi-active user and former admin from the Philippines. He has been contributing in the wiki since 2017 and has made countless of edits. He is known to have spent almost a year in cleaning the wiki of useless and duplicate categories. Nowadays however he has been lazier more passive in editing and instead just regularly spends time in the wiki removing duplicate/unnecessary categories and keeping a lookout for rule breakers. He also has an extreme hatred for duplicate categories so users should add categories properly or he'll come after you.

    " ? "

    " wut "

    " aaaaaa "

    " rip "

    " hmm "

    - My catchphrases

    " Your life is not f*cked up unless your future self travels back in time to you and reminds you not to do the thing that will affect the future in a negative way.... "

    " I am the best among the rest "

    " You're a commie that uses drugs? Good then you're dead "

    " The only good commies are dead commies "

    - just some award winning quotes of your best friend IntenCity999 aka Inten or Intenball

    This user is IntenCity999.
    "You're an anime loving commie that uses drugs and listens to kpop? Then you're as good as dead..."

    Artworks of me

    Pages I made

    • RIP to my deleted pages...

    - Makatiball
    - Navotasball
    - Pasayball
    - Bulacanball
    - Taguigball
    - Mandaluyongball
    - San Juanball
    - Las Piñasball
    - Marikinaball
    - Muntinlupaball
    - Parañaqueball
    - Rizalball
    - Suluball
    - BGCball
    - Puerto Princesaball
    - San Jose del Monteball
    - Northern Leyteball
    - Tagaytayball
    - Ilocos Norteball
    - Ilocos Surball
    - Laoagball
    - Mountain Provinceball
    - Benguetball
    - Pangasinanball
    - La Unionball
    - Taclobanball
    - Tagbilaranball
    - Boholball
    - Lipaball
    - Norzagarayball
    - South Cotabatoball
    - Sultanate of Maguindanaoball
    - NCRball
    - Bukidnonball
    - Camiguinball
    - Negros Orientalball
    - Negros Occidentalball
    - Tawi-Tawiball
    - Basilanball
    - Bataanball
    - Zambalesball
    - Auroraball
    - Compostela Valleyball
    - Zamboanga Sibugayball
    - Zamboanga del Norteball
    - Zamboanga del Surball
    - Abraball
    - Apayaoball
    - Cagayanball
    - Isabelaball
    - Kalingaball
    - Nueva Vizcayaball
    - Ifugaoball
    - Quirinoball
    - Camarines Norteball
    - Camarines Surball
    - Albayball
    - Catanduanesball
    - Sorsogonball
    - Romblonball
    - Occidental Mindoroball
    - Oriental Mindoroball
    - Samarball
    - Northern Samarball
    - Eastern Samarball
    - Southern Leyteball
    - Siquijorball
    - Guimarasball
    - Masbateball
    - Fourth Philippine Republicball
    - Third Philippine Republicball
    - Antiqueball
    - Aklanball
    - Capizball
    - Iloiloball
    - Cotabatoball
    - Saranganiball
    - Davao del Norteball
    - Davao del Surball
    - Davao Orientalball
    - Davao Occidentalball
    - Misamis Occidentalball
    - Misamis Orientalball
    - Lanao del Norteball
    - Lanao del Surball
    - Agusan del Norteball
    - Agusan del Surball
    - Surigao del Norteball
    - Surigao del Surball
    - Biliranball
    - Dinagat Islandsball
    - British Manilaball
    - Joloball
    - Palayanball
    - Maguindanaoball

    My Icons

    (Feel free to use them if you like)
    (Credits to CUSAC2, Hayastan, and MartyWiki for making my icons)

    - Original icon

    - with cap

    - without hat

    - gif icon

    - crying gif icon

    - shooting gif icon

    - with flamethrower


    This user is male
    This user is Catholic.
    "Habemus papam!"
    This user is currently Semi–active.
    "I have things to do elsewhere"
    This user is Filipino.
    "Pinoy malakas! remove drugs! Duterte Duterte!"
    This user is Chinese.
    This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2017 (7 years).
    This user is Capitalist.
    "Marx Was Wrong Capitalists Stronk!"
    This user is Nationalist.
    "Long live our nation and homeland!"
    This user is Anticommunist.
    "Better Dead Than Red!"
    This user is on Polandball Wiki Discord Server

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