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    — NOT me

    Hello there! I'm Janx, a fairly new contributor. I like adding pages and cleaning stuff up.

    Views on Ideologies

    rabeeits is doing it why not i do it too


    • SocBert.png Social Libertarianism - I think its a fine and delicate balance between LibLeft-icon.png full-on LibLeft Anarchism-icon.png and LibRight-icon.png LibRight Libertarianism-icon.png


    • Marxism-icon.png Marxism - It's Leninism except wayyy before Leninism but just a TINY bit better. Still not that great.

    How do people support this shit?

    • Ba'athism-icon.png Ba'athism/Assadism Bashar al-Assad(evil)-icon.png - Somewhat tries to be socialistic but fails miserably and is more like a dictatorship.
    • Leninism-icon.png Leninism - "Socialism", Yay! "Dictatorship", Nay!
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-icon.png Maoism - Again, le shictatorship led by soulless "communists". And also, the "They broke off alliance even though who agreed had no control over it!!!!!11" thing might seem dumb, but Taiwan-icon.png Chiang Kai-shek was still not the best person and April 12th was just unneccesary so i can't say i support their side on this.

    Contributions and icons and stuff...

    Icons i made!11(not featuring modified versions of existing ones)

    • Bashar al-Assad(evil)-icon.png Bashar al-Assad (EVIL VERSIONES!!)
    • Bashar al-Assad-icon.png Bashar al-ASSAD (NEW VERSIONES!!)
    • Anti-War-icon.png Anti-War
    • Geographer-icon.png Geographer//Mapper
    • Ihatesyria-icon.pngIhatesyria(positivelymad)-icon.gif me!11
    • Vincian-icon.pngPolyromantic-icon.pngPanromantic-icon.pngBiromantic-icon.pngDemiromantic-icon.png Some Sexual/Romantic Attraction icons
    • Questioning2-icon.png Yo quiero taco bell
    • RabbitUserballV2-icon.png new ComradeRabbit95 icon
    • Hel-icon.png Helball
    • Nowy Dwór Gdański-icon.png Nowy Dwór Gdański County
    • Anarchism-icon.png Anarchism
    • PolComp-icon.png Political Positions
      • AuthLeft-icon.pngAuthCenter-icon.pngAuthRight-icon.png
    • Anti-Ba'athism-icon.png Anti-Ba'athism (FUCK SYRIAN BA'ATHISM!1 B1NWGHESYUIRAETSAIO)

    Images i made!11

    Articles i made!11


    Countries/Places I've been to

    Countries/Places I wanna go to


    Poloniaball 6.png This user is Polish.
    "O kurwa!"
    Catholicball1.png This user is Catholic.
    "Habemus papam!"

    Blankball.png This user is Apolitical
    "Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, Who cares?"
    Libertarianismball.png This user is Libertarian.
    "Dont tread on me"

    2-icon.png0-icon.png2-icon.png1-icon.png This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2021
    Happyball.png This user is Active.
    VincianIcon.png This user is Vincian.
    "I like my lovees like i love myself, manly."
    Arrowmantic.png This user is Aromantic.
    "What is love?"

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