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    Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 is a countryball artist that has been involved with the countryball community since April 2021. He enjoys drawing and animating countryballs. He used to be on Countryballs.net before the website died. During his stay, he found himself in many wars regarding the tightness of the rules for how countryballs were to be drawn. With this experience, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 has developed his art style. When the website died, he moved to the Polandball Wiki. Though, he is considering leaving due to unfortunate events during his time on the wiki. Regardless, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 has no plants in leaving the countryball community, anytime soon, as he enjoys his stay there.

    History[edit | edit source]

    The Beginning[edit | edit source]

    One day, there existed someone that would soon be known as Cheebow8-icon.png "Cheebow8". Before Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 learned about countryballs, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 was learning French-icon.png French. This is very important to how he became obsessed. Then, one day, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 was busy playing a video game. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 then saw someone–in the video game–that had an avatar that contained a countryball. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 and this user became friends. Soon, after Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 finished playing video games, he was surfing Youtube-icon.png YouTube. He saw a countryball on a thumbnail of a video and quickly identified a connection between the user on the videogame's avatar and the countryball on the thumbnail. He then decided to watch the video. He rapidly became obsessed with countryballs... too obsessed...

    Website Stumble[edit | edit source]

    About six weeks later, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheesebow8 stumbled onto a website dedicated for countryballs. Since he had been learning French-icon.png French, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 decided to set his O.C. in a similar style to France-icon (beret).png Franceball. The differences? The blue was replaces with his favorite color, and the red became pure red. His beret was originally going to be green because that was Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8’s favorite color at the time, but it didn’t look so good, He then vomited his artworks onto the website. At first, everyone hated Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 for vomiting on the website. Everyone considered this as spamming. But poor Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 didn't know that what he was doing was wrong. Eventually, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 realized that he was spamming. This was due to one of the members making a post about it. But, by the time they made the post, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 had stopped "spamming". After that, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 started making friends on the website. Since, there have been countless arguments and spam attacks on this website, but Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 wouldn’t leave the website.

    Polandball Wiki[edit | edit source]

    Then, one glorious day, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 joined the Polandball Wikia-icon.png Polandball Wiki. As he looked around to make his first edit, he made his way to WashingtonDC-icon.png Washington D.C. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 noticed an error in some spelling and quickly fixed it. This was his first edit. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 then started learning’s how to add/do things to this wiki. He learned most of it by looking at UN-icon.png UNball. Once Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 learned knowledge on how to do things on this wiki, he created his user page. This was enormous an milestone for him. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 then started creating artworks for pictures of different countries that had a wiki page. At this time, all had gone successful for Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8. He then continued editing pages. While doing this, he came across 7-icon.png 7ball. He realized that this page was very underdeveloped, so he "created" the page. This was major in the experience Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 has gained.

    Page Creation[edit | edit source]

    Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 then had the desire to create a page on this marvelous wiki. But then, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 realized he had one problem. He didn't know how to create icons. He asked people and eventually found out. Then, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 created his first page! It had taken him a long time to gather anough information. But, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 had finally made it. It was all worth it. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 now looks back and is proud of the page he made, Loudoun County-icon.png Loudoun Countybrick. With his new knowledge, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 then created File:Arlington County-icon.png Arlington Countyball. Soon after, with a lot of hard work, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 made Fairfax County-icon.png Fairfax Countyball. After these glorious events, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 started becoming addicted to making userboxes. He created various userboxes for all sorts of topics. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 then made many userboxes for this wiki.

    Page Deletion[edit | edit source]

    Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 Enjoyed his pages… while they lasted. Soon after they wee deleted duo to not meeting the standards of the rules. Cheebow8-icon.png was devastated. He put in so much effort to create the pages. So much research and typing had to be done. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 felt like quitting the wiki. But, he didn’t. Instead, he tried to see how he could bend the rules since his previous pages were not allowed. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 realized that capitals could go under the population limit and still exist since they were capitals. But, he realized that all the capitals were already made. But, suddenly, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 had a genius idea. He decided to create File:Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg, which was the original capital of Virginia-icon.png Virginiaball. Everything went swell until User:Shiningflair told him to alter it. Cheebow8-icon.png gave her a good reason why the page was fine already, but she told him to alter it so that other mods would not delete it. So, Cheebow8-icon.png had to alter File:Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg to have “Capital” in its name.

    The Problem[edit | edit source]

    Fast forward, Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 was enjoying the Polandball Wiki, until it updated. Almost everything was deleted when it came up again. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 almost quit. But, he got used to the update and helped to rebuild the wiki. Later, something weird happened. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 found it difficult to actually edit on the Polandball Wiki. Whenever he wanted to log into his account a message woukd pop up saying that he couldn’t due to prevention of “account hijaking.” He soon found a solution to this, though by going on a private tab. But, one day when he tried to log in, he got the message again. He tried relentlessly on private tab but it would not work. Cheebow8-icon.png Cheebow8 Cheebow8 then found out he could only on into his account on his mobile device.

    Pages[edit | edit source]

    Pages I Made[edit | edit source]

    Locations[edit | edit source]

    Userboxes[edit | edit source]

    Pages I Basically Made[edit | edit source]

    • 7-icon.png 7ball - I didn't actually create it... but I did literally everything on it.

    Pages I Spend a Lot of My Time On[edit | edit source]

    • UN-icon.png UNball - I added most of the languages to it.

    How to draw[edit | edit source]

    Drawing Cheebow8 is of very simple:

    1. Draw the bright blue side that's on the left.
    2. Draw the red side that's on the right.
    3. Fill in the rest of the circle with white.

    $ Add eyes.

    1. Draw the beret.

    Notes[edit | edit source]

    • Email me if you'd like to get in-contact with me.

    UserBoxes[edit | edit source]

    File:Baguette Heaven(Cheebow8).png This user approves baguettes!
    File:Duolingothe.png This user uses Duolingo too much.
    Drawing-4.sketchpad (1).png This user is male
    968964 143468449188415 69232730 n.jpg This user speaks English.
    "Yes, of course!"
    Spanishball.png This user speaks Spanish.
    "Hola amigos!"
    Frenchball.png This user speaks French.
    Christian Family (Cheebow8).jpg This user is Christian.
    "Father, Son and Holy Spirit"
    Catholicball1.png This user is Catholic.
    "Habemus papam!"
    Theocraticballs.png This user is Religious.
    "Faith is of good!"
    Userboxgamer.png This user is A Gamer.
    "Time to defeat the Ender Dragon!!!"
    Woken up.png This user is currently Semi–active.
    "I have things to do elsewhere"
    Earthwithmoonyes.png This user is Terran.
    "Earth just seems so full of life!"

    Active-icon.png This user is active! Active-icon.png

    France-icon (beret).png Cheebow8's Pages France-icon (beret).png
    Order Name Creation Date
    1st Loudoun County-icon.png Loudoun Countybrick February 19, 2022
    2nd File:Arlington County-icon.png Arlington Countyball February 22, 2022
    3rd Fairfax County-icon.png Fairfax Countyball March 5, 2022
    4th Mars-icon.png Template:Userbox/Martian March 20, 2022
    5th Blank-icon.png Template:Userbox/Very Active March 20, 2022
    6th Earth-icon.png Template:Userbox/Terran March 21, 2022
    7th Jupiter-icon.png Template:Userbox/Jovian March 21, 2022
    8th Saturn-icon.png Template:Userbox/Saturnian March 22, 2022
    9th Jainism-icon.png Template:Userbox/Jain March 22, 2022
    10th Wisconsin-icon.png Template:Userbox/Wisconsinite March 24, 2022
    11th Quakers-icon.png Template:Userbox/Christian/Quakerist March 25, 2022
    12th Louisiana-icon.png Template:Userbox/Louisianian March 26, 2022
    13th File:Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg September 11, 2022
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