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    Hello! I'm Commetian_Empire! I am sometimes active on this Wiki, but I work mostly on the Country Humans Wikis! You can call me these:

    • Commetian_Empire
    • Commetia
    • Commetiaa
    • Commet/Comet
    • Commeti

    Pages I will most likely work on:

    If you would like to know more about me, then click on the English Country Humans Wiki! Feel free to talk to me.
    Find me somewhere:

    • (English) Country Humans Wiki: [1]
    • (Spanish) Country Humans Wiki: [2]
    • (Russian) Country Humans Wiki: [3]
    • (English) State Humans Wiki: [4]
    • DeviantArt: AbyssFallenDragon

    (Please on DeviantArt, call me by the names listed above. I can't change my username.)

    CH thoughts[edit | edit source]

    Oh, and, I don't really like Poland/CountryBalls, I just edit here with da' facts. WIP
    Yes, I know. No one likes the CH fandom.
    I do like it, just I HATE the ships and yeah... what everyone hates about it.

    Russia/Ukraine[edit | edit source]

    Warning: This is about controversial topics. This is just what I think about the war. This is not a personal attack for any user/users.

    • TBA

    Sooo.... yeah. You read the title right. Who do I support? That's hard.

      • Long story Short: really no one, they both have good reasons to win. BUT, i am kinda leaning more to Russia than Ukraine

    Vivelaspin.gifaSpinning-Mtcat.gifdSpinning3ball.gifdSpinninHungarianMapper17-icon.giftSpinninlegion.gifhCzechiaStronk Spinning-icon.gifiJoogospin.gifsGerman Revolution-icon.giftBlank Revolution-icon.gifoRussian Revolution-icon.gifyPolish Revolution-icon.gifoItalian Revolution-icon.gifuBelgian Revolution-icon.gifrHungarian Revolution-icon.gifuBulgarian Revolution-icon.gifsCarlospin.gifeArmenian Revolution-icon.gifrVivelaspin.gifpSpinning-Mtcat.gifaSpinning3ball.gifgSpinninHungarianMapper17-icon.gifeSpinninlegion.gifiCzechiaStronk Spinning-icon.giffJoogospin.gifyGerman Revolution-icon.gifoBlank Revolution-icon.gifuRussian Revolution-icon.gifcPolish Revolution-icon.gifaItalian Revolution-icon.gifnBelgian Revolution-icon.gifrHungarian Revolution-icon.gifeBulgarian Revolution-icon.gifaCarlospin.gifdArmenian Revolution-icon.giftVivelaspin.gifhSpinning-Mtcat.gifiSpinning3ball.gifsSpinninHungarianMapper17-icon.giflSpinninlegion.gifoCzechiaStronk Spinning-icon.giflJoogospin.gif

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