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    Polandball Wiki

    NOTE: I'm going to be way less active here for a while in order to focus on my exams.

    Hello, name's Devint, have a nice day, and may God bless whoever's reading this also if anybody's asking yes the comic sans thing in my userpage is a joke

    so yea, just your average indonesian guy who descended from chinese bois

    credit to Caio11112 for the paper and tape thing for my ballsona/ball persona, cebzcity and roblox for pfp inspiration, and credit to Skyrum536 and Joogotakensaad for my icons

    Also, if you are seeing this, please help me find the original infobox image sources for each modern countryball, it'll be much appreciated to me, the wiki and the images' artists

    also expect me to make some grammatical errors and edit my messages many times, I'm obviously not native in English

    also I'm sorry if I make any gender goof-ups (using he/his/him and she/her instead of it/its or they/their) on the pages (except for some exceptions when the countryball(s) is (are) talking about a real-life person)

    also if you catch me saying anything discriminatory or offensive like racism and homophobia, please keep in mind that they are jokes, and therefore are not meant to be taken seriously at all

    and yes I used to be homophobic and anti-LGBT back then, now I redeemed myself and know that homophobia and anti-LGBT is wrong, so if you see me making homophobic/anti-LGBT comments before late 2021, I'm sorry for making them, I regret making those posts a lot

    also for those who get upset over dark humor/offensive jokes like discriminatory memes, keep in mind that a majority of them are jokes and are NOT meant to be taken seriously, especially unfunny ones
    also anyone with a brain (aka literally almost everyone), especially those with a brain who make dark humor can clearly tell that those actions are clearly wrong irl

    also i couldn't decide if i should use mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy date formats, i actually like both equally tbh


    My ball persona made by other users

    My art (WIP)

    (NOTE: as expected... i'm not an expert and several of them are traced)


    This user is Indonesian.
    "If yuo callings saya Polandia satu kali lagi!"
    This user is male
    This user speaks English.
    "Yes, of course!"
    This user speaks Indonesian.
    This user speaks Mandarin Chinese.
    This user is Christian.
    "Father, Son and Holy Spirit"
    This user is Catholic.
    "Habemus papam!"
    File:Blankball.png This user is Apolitical
    "I just want to grill for God's sake!"
    This user is heterosexual.
    "I like my opposite sex."
    This user is currently Semi–active.
    "I have things to do elsewhere"
    This user's computer is running Windows 10.
    File:Photoshop.png This user uses Photoshop
    This user is Anti-Fascist.
    "Death to the genocidal fascists!"
    This user is Anticommunist.
    "Better Dead Than Red!"
    File:Centrismball.png This user is Centrist.
    "Radicalism is Anti-Democratic!"
    This user is Democratic.
    "Can I into vote?"
    This user is Social democratic.
    "We will establish a welfare state and liberal democracy!"
    This user is Populist.
    "For the people, not the elites!"
    This user is Religious.
    "Faith is of good!"
    This user is Nationalist.
    "Long live our nation and homeland!"
    This user is Pancasilaist.
    "Ayo maju, maju, ayo maju, maju, ayo maju, maju!"
    This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2020 (4 years).
    This user is Progressive.
    "You want your country back? I want my country forward!"
    This user is Conservative.
    "Keep it long! We love nativity!"
    This user is Eco-Friendly.
    "You must take care of our Earth!"
    This user is Capitalist.
    "Marx Was Wrong Capitalists Stronk!"
    This user likes anime.
    This user is A Gamer.
    "Time to defeat the Ender Dragon!!!"
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