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    If you have technical issues or if you need to translate something to Korean, i Am willing to help. Still, i`M not an admin, so keep that in mind. Okay to add friends or DM in discord.

    Quotes(Some are original. You can add more quotes.)

    Everything is different.
    What in the world is cute? I never felt so.
    Do never trust anyone. Including yourself. But trust an idea.
    No one understands me. Will a similar one appear in my lifetime? No, will such come out before the end of the world?
    — Faisalia V. F-I. (OC)
    How much do you think one can change in one year?

    How to draw me

    My inspiration was the flag of Bonaire-icon.pngBonaireball.

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Pure Cyan 0,255,255 {{{color1-cmyk}}} #00ffff
    White 255, 255, 255 {{{color2-cmyk}}} #FFFFFF
    Pure Green 0,255,0 {{{color3-cmyk}}} #00ff00
    Pure blue 0,0,255 {{{color4-cmyk}}} #0000ff
    Mint? 0,255,162 {{{color5-cmyk}}} #00ffa9
    • left eye:draw a 6-pointed star(with(0,255,162) or 00ffa2), and draw a circle(with(0,0,255) or 0000ff) that surrounds the star. After that, draw 4 spikes(triangles)on the circle with the same colour. the position should be like a +.
    • right eye:draw an eye and write a 6(with (0,255,0) or 00ff00) in it. there should`t be an outline of this eye.

    1.draw eyes.(i Explained it above)

    2.draw a line(with(0,255,255) or 00ffff) down-left to up-right. The ball will be separated into 2 parts. each part should contain one eye each.

    3.color the part with the right eye(color is same with the line. don`t color the eye.).

    4.draw a line in the same color with the circle surrounding my left eye. this line must not touch the circle or its spikes.

    5.the ball is now separated into 3 parts. color the part without any eyes in the same color you just drew.



    • 1.i Never trust anyone including myself, although i Believe in an idea. i Also consider the world as a gigantic theory and living in it.
    • 2.i Might seem like a cold person, which i Try to be.
    • 3.i Love complication and hornyposting.
    • 5. i Have ADHD but one of the calm people. And one thing that is sure is that it drove me to be a history holic.


    • 1.None knows my true personality. i Became a different person after an event.
    • 2.call me edit if you get to do so.
    • 3.6 in my icon means the billiard ball.
    • 4.i Love maps. i Even got everything right in fill in the blank in the map of Africa.
    • 5.My only different form is the opposite color form.
    • 7.Find me editing CV! But you will never find me editing popular pages.
    • Note. My art tries to eliminate all borders and never use shading. Straight lines are also significantly featured. This makes my art look very poor in some cases.

    unexpected results in italics. Also acknowledge that i`M not a soccer expert.


    Group A

    Cameroon-icon.png 2 - 1 Burkina Faso-icon.png
    Cape Verde-icon.png 1 - 0 Ethiopia-icon.png
    Cameroon-icon.png 4 - 1 Ethiopia-icon.png
    Cape Verde-icon.png 0 - 1 Burkina Faso-icon.png
    Burkina Faso-icon.png 1 - 1 Ethiopia-icon.png
    Cape Verde-icon.png 1 - 1 Cameroon-icon.png
    -> Actually easy to predict than predicted. Turned out that this group had 3rd and 4th place.

    Group B

    Senegal-icon.png 1 - 0 Zimbabwe-icon.png
    Guinea-icon.png 1 - 0 Malawi-icon.png
    Senegal-icon.png 0 - 0 Guinea-icon.png
    Malawi-icon.png 2 - 1 Zimbabwe-icon.png
    Malawi-icon.png 0 - 0 Senegal-icon.png
    Zimbabwe-icon.png 2 - 1 Guinea-icon.png
    -> Senegal advances with only one goal?? As predicted, but not this.

    Group C

    Morocco-icon.png 1 - 0 Ghana-icon.png
    Comoros-icon.png 0 - 1 Gabon-icon.png
    Morocco-icon.png 2 - 0 Comoros-icon.png
    Gabon-icon.png 1 - 1 Ghana-icon.png
    Gabon-icon.png 2 - 2 Morocco-icon.png
    Ghana-icon.png 2 - 3 Comoros-icon.png
    -> (from the meme) Ghana dances inside one`s own coffin.

    Group D

    Nigeria-icon.png 1 - 0 Egypt-icon.png
    Sudan-icon.png 0 - 0 Guinea-Bissau-icon.png
    Nigeria-icon.png 3 - 1 Sudan-icon.png
    Guinea-Bissau-icon.png 0 - 1 Egypt-icon.png
    Guinea-Bissau-icon.png 0 - 2 Nigeria-icon.png
    Egypt-icon.png 1 - 0 Sudan-icon.png
    -> Of course. The easiest group to guess.

    Group E

    Algeria-icon.png 0 - 0 Sierra Leone-icon.png
    Equatorial Guinea-icon.png 0 - 1 Ivory Coast-icon.png
    Ivory Coast-icon.png 2 -2 Sierra Leone-icon.png
    Algeria-icon.png 0 - 1 Equatorial Guinea-icon.png
    Ivory Coast-icon.png 3 - 1 Algeria-icon.png
    Sierra Leone-icon.png 0 - 1 Equatorial Guinea-icon.png
    -> The jinx of the defending champion shook this group.

    Group F

    Tunisia-icon.png 0 - 1 Mali-icon.png
    Mauritania-icon.png 0 - 1 Gambia-icon.png
    Gambia-icon.png 1 - 1 Mali-icon.png
    Tunisia-icon.png 4 - 0 Mauritania-icon.png
    Gambia-icon.png 1 - 0 Tunisia-icon.png
    Mali-icon.png 2 - 0 Mauritania-icon.png
    -> The Gambia`s exceptional performance stirred this group.

    Round of 16

    Burkina Faso-icon.png 1 - 1 Gabon-icon.png (Pen 7 - 6)
    -> ...? i Don`t know what to say.
    Nigeria-icon.png 0 - 1 Tunisia-icon.png
    -> A good strategy is the key.
    Guinea-icon.png 0 - 1 Gambia-icon.png
    -> Just a continuing exception.
    Cameroon-icon.png 2 - 1 Comoros-icon.png
    -> Clap for both but sad about the incident.
    Senegal-icon.png 2 - 0 Cape Verde-icon.png
    -> SIGH for both.
    Morocco-icon.png 2 -1 Malawi-icon.png
    -> Of coarse.
    Ivory Coast-icon.png 0 -0 Egypt-icon.png (Pen 4 - 5)
    -> Huh.
    Mali-icon.png 0 - 0 Equatorial Guinea-icon.png (pen 5 - 6)
    -> Their style makes it boring together.


    Gambia-icon.png 0 - 2 Cameroon-icon.png
    -> Cameroon is on a 'winning newbies' mood.
    Burkina Faso-icon.png 1 - 0 Tunisia-icon.png
    -> Return to group stage of Tunisia.
    Egypt-icon.png 2 - 1 Morocco-icon.png
    -> A bad strategy can mess up your performance.
    Senegal-icon.png 3 - 1 Equatorial Guinea-icon.png
    -> Senegal is recovering.


    Burkina Faso-icon.png 1 - 3 Senegal-icon.png
    -> Now it is the Senegal we saw, and Burkina Faso faces a return match.
    Cameroon-icon.png 0 - 0 Egypt-icon.png (Pen 1 - 3)
    -> Egypt`s Second tie. And advance. And a return match.

    Finals and 3-4 place match

    Finals: Senegal-icon.png 0 - 0 Egypt-icon.png (Pen 4 - 2)
    -> Settle down and get your first champion place. See what comes in 2023.
    3-4 place match: Burkina Faso-icon.png 3 - 3 Cameroon-icon.png (Pen 3 - 5)
    -> A wonderful flip.


    1st quailfication round

    Eritrea-icon.png --- Botswana-icon.png
    Botswana-icon.png --- Eritrea-icon.png
    ->Eritrea gave up.
    São Tomé and Príncipe-icon.png 1 - 0 Mauritius-icon.png
    Mauritius-icon.png 3 - 3 São Tomé and Príncipe-icon.png
    Djibouti-icon.png 2 - 4 South Sudan-icon.png
    South Sudan-icon.png 1 - 0 Djibouti-icon.png
    ->At least Djibouti won`t lose 8-0 to a high-pot team.
    Seychelles-icon.png 0 - 0 Lesotho-icon.png
    Lesotho-icon.png 3 - 1 Seychelles-icon.png
    ->The first result was surprising, but the second was as expected.
    Somalia-icon.png 0 - 3 Swaziland-icon.png
    Somalia-icon.png 2 - 1 Swaziland-icon.png
    ->Not so bad for both.
    Chad-icon.png 0 - 1 Gambia-icon.png
    Gambia-icon.png 2 - 2 Chad-icon.png
    ->The last match... It was unexpected.

    Qualification Group Stage

    Will be drawed in April 19th

    Sorry Updates were being delayed.

    Countries(including separatists, will rate anything about them)

    Some unheard countryballs may be here.

    • Separatist countryballs - More stuff to google.
    • Cape Verde-icon.png Cabo Verdeball - Please rate it. One of my favorite countries, and has a unique history because of its location and climate. Also has a good flag and a good governance. It has a nature that is very beautiful but very hostile and even somewhat cruel to others.
    • Nagorno-Karabakh-icon.png Artsakhball - It is in one of the most interesting conflicts in the world. A place that changed my life. Also, it is neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan. It is not independent, too. It should stay as a disputed territory between Armenia and Azerbaijan forever.
    • Primorsky Krai-icon.png Primorskyball - Has the history of some totally different entities. Interesting.
    • Green Ukraine-icon.png Green Ukraineball - A part of Primorskyball`s broad history. Literally far east Ukraine the.
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - Regardless of its independence, it can never be real China because it does not govern the mainland.
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - Why do people call it a separatist? It is already independent and it did not separate from Israel. And it rekt Timor-Leste in soccer by 7 - 0.
    • South Azerbaijan-icon.png South Azerbaijanball - Currently not really a separatist but it has a separatist movement. i Think Iranball will be in chaos if it wages a war to gain independance or to be Azerbaijani territory. And so underrated place.


    • Apolitism - Nothing will change if you just don`t care about politics. Cringe.
    • Separatism - Make this ideology 'more rights to ethnic minorities' ism.
    • Imperialism - This ruins everything.


    This section may contain a lot of people you`ve never heard of.

    • João Bernardo Vieira-icon.png João Bernardo Vieira - Exceptional that he got elected in a democratic election as a deposed dicator. But i Don`t like that he overthrew his predecessor because he was of 'foreign descent'.
    • Aristides Pereira - He was luckily unlucky that his country was extremely low in resources and had a large diaspora. i Praise him of the peaceful transition (Alongside Veiga and Pires.)
    • Carlos Veiga - The founder of MpD. But HOW CAN HE LOSE IN EVERY PRESIDENTAL ELECTION? Amazing.
    • Pedro Pires - The PM of transition period. He certainly deserves (and got) a Mo Ibrahim.
    • Amílcar Cabral - Revolutionary that died tragically. He should be known more. He valued history a lot, but Cabo Verdeball likely had absolutely zero history before the Portuguese.
    • Donald Trump-icon.png Donald Trump - Why did such a dumb person become a president? He said that UK doesn`t have nuclear weapons, confused Syria and Iraq, said that Andrew Jackson saw the Civil war, stated that Israel in not in the Middle East, misnamed Namibia, said that China and India are not neighbors... At least EVEN MY SUPER IGNORANT CLASSMATES KNOW THAT ISRAEL IS MIDDLE EASTERN!!!! And he is sxist and racist?? Did he ever managed to think that there might be 'people having dark skin color' or women or LGBT that supports him? So dumb president. He should have been impeached.


    User:Polandball girl - She said that my quotes are inspiring. Interesting.
    User:TheElectricBomb - Great person that edits a lot about Africa and helped in ECOWASball project. We worked together in countering disinformation. Now, he is one of my bosses.
    User:JNJ1308 - Invented Translator removing squad. i Learned how to redirect because of this user.
    User:Cheebow8 - Another person that is obsessed in a country i Helped in creating icons. Thanks for the art!
    User:Zedroball - A person i Created an infobox for. Good group photo.
    User:Shiningflair - My main boss. Thanks for doing a lot of stuff.
    User:Agent Isai - The second boss. And a staff from Miraheze. Also thanks.
    User:Raidarr - This person talked about a banned user that i Reported, and another staff. Thanks.
    User:PeskiOfTheFlags - Good shading.


    LGBT - They deserve a better flag than the rainbow flag. Other pride flags are mostly good.
    Straight Pride - i Think people can be proud of being straight, but hating homosexuals or asexual people is cringe. And also, i Think the LGBT community should respect their straights more.
    Anschluss - Why does this exist? we need more diversity! So remove.
    Coffin dance meme - Wait. Then how heavy is the coffin?
    No Girlbossing policy - Literally a joke. BUT 'No bullying by girls' is a valid policy.

    My past, which was super foolish

    My obsession in Cabo Verde

    I was born in South Korea. But when i Was young, my parents bought me flag flash cards with info in it. So i Was interested in world maps and saw them when they were given as flyers. There, something caught my eye. Because of the location, Iceland and Cabo Verde was written two times. But this was soon dormant in my memories. In 6th grade, there was an assignment to research about a country. Because i Wanted to do something unique, i Just thought, and looked at a map, and found that the map didn`t include the country. i Researched and researched, until i Found out that there weren`t and good source in Korean. So i Did it in English after some time. During this, i started to feel some connection toward it and liked it more, to the extent of being my favorite country. To this day, i Am a big fan of this country.

    About my freedom of expression

    i Love this wiki. Because i Have freedom of expression here. Although i`M not oppressed by authorities, none listens to me because they don`t know what i`M talking about. i Need to explain about everything. So i Can`t talk about what i Really want to talk about in the real world. Instead, i Edit here. i Can edit to talk about what i`M really interested in. This wiki is like a haven of my freedom of expression.


    (Why. Why do i Have to be like this. No, why do i Have to be treated like this. Why do i Have to be annoyed because of my interest but it isn`t my fault. Why do i Have to be abused for nothing i Had done wrong to them. i Was born like this and my life is not a fault of mine. Why.) (Why is the world like this. Why does the world have to punish a 'different' early teen.) (The world is wrong. And i Was wrong.) (Just reject the world. Reject normalcy.) (Don`t believe. And make a change.) (And express myself in a way that is unheard in the world.)

    Happyball.png This user is Active.
    Cape Verdeball.PNG This user loves Cabo Verdeball.
    "My favorite!! And this is not a nationality userbox."
    Le polandball fedora.png This user sucks at drawing comics.
    Arrowmantic.png This user is Aromantic.
    "What is love?"
    Acetool.png This user is Asexual.
    "sex is pretty cringe"
    Agenderball1.png This user is Agender.
    "I can into no gender"
    Drawing-96.sketchpad (1).png This user is Gendervoid.
    "My gender is like a void... there is a blank space where my gender should be."
    DiscordLogo.png This user is on Polandball Wiki Discord Server
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