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    Mystery and Alien.png

    Everything is different.
    What in the world is cute? I never felt so.
    Do never trust anyone. Including yourself. But trust an idea.
    i Look in the mirror, and see myself in the past... Only to realize that i don`t see myself in it...
    How much do you think one can change in one year?

    How to draw me: My inspiration was the flag of Bonaire-icon.pngBonaireball. Also, there are 2 ways to draw me. both has same eyes.

    • left eye:draw a 6-pointed star(with(0,255,162) or 00ffa2), and draw a circle(with(0,0,255) or 0000ff) that surrounds the star. After that, draw 4 spikes(triangles)on the circle with the same colour. the position should be like a +.
    • right eye:draw an eye and write a 6(with (0,255,0) or 00ff00) in it. there should`t be an outline of this eye.
    • First way(or non-hiding me)

    1.draw eyes.(i Explained it above)

    2.draw a line(with(0,255,255) or 00ffff) down-left to up-right. The ball will be separated into 2 parts. each part should contain one eye each.

    3.color the part with the right eye(color is same with the line. don`t color the eye.).

    4.draw a line in the same color with the circle surrounding my left eye. this line must not touch the circle or its spikes.

    5.the ball is now separated into 3 parts. color the part without any eyes in the same color you just drew.

    6.finish. By adding some dark paint on this, you can make a semi-covered me.

    • Second way(or full hiding me)

    1.draw eyes.sunglasses are okay instead of this stage.

    2.draw a ball-shape in dark color(which contains the eyes. don`t paint on them.)

    3.draw the draping cloth.


    Edit(user)-icon.pngHow to create meEdit(user)-icon.png

    1.Prepare a bowl of mercury(metal).

    2.Put copper oxide, copper sulfide, blue powder, cyan powder, and cyanide for color.

    3.grind in a strong magnet taken from a computer.

    4.put in other poisonous materials in pure solid or liquid.

    5.process with UFO light.


    • 1.None knows my true personality. i Became a different person after an event.
    • 2.call me edit if you get to do so.
    • 3.6 in my icon means the billiard ball.
    • 4.i Don`t have a discord server.
    • 5.i Don`t have another form in my icon as for now, and in real life. I just hide, and the extent of showing myself makes me look different. This is the reason Why i Have a covered version.
    • 6.Why do i Hide? Because privacy is important!

    Pages that i Like

    1.Cape Verde-icon.pngCabo Verde

    2.Armenia-icon.pngAzerbaijan-icon.pngArmenia&Azerbaijan(※They have each other, so they are interesting.)

    3.Iran-icon.pngSaudi Arabia-icon.pngIran&Saudi Arabia(※Because of Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflict)

    ..and a lot of other interesting pages(including this evil)

    Active-icon.png This user is active! Active-icon.png

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