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    Greetings. I edit things here.



    My summaries and opinions on all countries

    UN-icon.png Full-fledged UN-icon.png

    Separatism-icon.png Separatist Separatism-icon.png

    Personal Recognitions

    • Abkhazia-icon.png Abkhazia and South Ossetia-icon.png South Ossetia aren't currently independent, but should be. The U.S. Georgia is more relevant than Georgia-icon.png the oppressor, okay?
    • Nobody owns Antarctica-icon.png Antarctica. All of the claims made at futile, and aren't gonna mean anything for a while. So why own the place of you've signed a treaty preventing you from doing so?
    • Canada-icon.png Canada is fully sovereign and independent. I know this sounds silly, but hear me out. I heard somewhere that Canada is technically self-declared, and is not independent from us, UK-icon.png Brits. Everyone else recognises it, anyway.
    • Crimea-icon.png Crimea is Russia-icon.png Russian. They want to be Russian, so just let them be. ALSO, UKRAINE WAS RACIST TOWARDS CERTAIN ETHNICITIES IN CRIMEA SO IF YOU SUPPORT UKRAINIAN CRIMEA, YOU'RE SUPPORTING RACISM!!!! It seems Russia is aiming to annex the rest of the country now... But I don't feel like accepting Ukrainian Crimea again just yet. Please just end the war peacefully, leave Ukraine alone, and maybe I might change my mind.
    • Gibraltar-icon.png Gibraltar is Spain-icon.png Spanish. Why do we need the damn place? It's not that important.
    • Kashmir is fully a part of Pakistan-icon.png Pakistan. Yes, all of it. Don't ask why, I just like to be a contrarian, okay?
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo (and Metohia) is still an autonomous province of Serbia-icon.png Serbia! Even if you at least become an observer state of the UN-icon.png UN, and even then I'm not recognising you. Wanna know why!? YOUR BLUMMING INDEPENDENCE IS ILLEGAL IN THE FIRST PLACE! Well, it actually isn't but most Kosovo deniers say it is, so I'm going for it.
    • Falklands-icon.png The Islas Malvinas (or Falklands as you'd know them) are part of Argentina.
    • Mayotte-icon.png Mayotte is a part of Comoros. I don't give two hecks if they want to be France-icon.png French, but hey, I'm trying to remove imperialism here.
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestine is fully independent, having both the Gaza Strip and West Bank as fully sovereign territory. And they need a stable government pronto because I actually wanna see if they can succeed without the corruption, attacks, Hamas, and all that.
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan is fake China! They are part of the China-icon.png PRC as Chinese Taipei-icon.png Chinese Taipei! The Taiwanese are stinky nationalists, and if World War 2 has taught us anything, nationalism can lead to extremism, and extremism is bad. I don't think the Taiwanese are extremists, though. They're alright as afar as I know.
    • Western Sahara-icon.png Western Sahara is fully Morocco-icon.png Moroccan! 90% of their territory is controlled by Morocco anyway, so it's for the best they get full control. Don't worry, Algeria-icon.png Algeria and Mauritania-icon.png Mauritania, I still hope they're treated nicely.
    • West Virginia-icon.png West Virginia is part of Virginia-icon.png Virginia. I read off a comment section that W.V. is technically not a state, and was self-declared by Abraham Lincoln during the civil war, and congress never ratified then. This doesn't make them an official US state. At least in my eyes.


    Official friends list

    • New York-icon.png Chris Lee: In his friend request, he revealed his love for the Brits, and is a good fan of history like I am. BUT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CAN HE STOP BRINGING Arizona-icon.png JOHN MC'FRIGGIN' CAIN INTO EVERY LAST COMMENT REMOTELY RELATED TO Kosovo-icon.png KOSOVO (and Metohia) AND Palestine-icon.png PALESTINE!?!?!? PLEASE JUST LET ALL THE COMMENTS WHO WANNA STEER CLEAR OF POLITICS DO SO AND DON'T INTERFERE WITH ANY MORE COMMENT SECTIONS!!! But at least he agrees that Palestine-icon.png Palestine is fully independent, Serbia-icon.png Serbia owns Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo, and that Russia-icon.png Russia owns Crimea-icon.png Crimea.
    • RhodeIsland-icon.png Bonnie the Bunny: An old friend of mine way back from the story days! I always tried to stand up for them when Realjanx picked on them and ruined our stories, but let's hope they've made up now! ...Wait, they both left the wiki? Huh.
    • Poland-icon.pngMichigan-icon.png User:Polandball girl: Eeeeeh, I don't really know about her yet. The only reason she's my friend is simply because she wanted to be.
    • Peru-icon.png Peruanoball: Wanted to be my friend out of comfort, despite the fact that I had, like, New York-icon.pngRhodeIsland-icon.png6-icon.pngPoland-icon.png four other friends at the time. Aaaand we haven't spoke since.
    • Edit(user)-icon.png 8randomedits: Without a doubt, they are one of the more mysterious users. They don't really believe in the concept of friendship, along with almost sharing birthdays with one of my relatives (and actually sharing his birthday with Alexander Lukashenko-icon.png Lukashenko to add on to that... scary trio). I think I first heard of them while I was editing the page for Cape Verde-icon.png Cabo Verde. I think they're obsessed with that place. And according to them, I taught them how to redirect pages? Thanks, I guess...
      • Edit(user)-icon.png - Actually, I found that we are born in the same year.
      • Me: Who, we? Are you trying to imply that you were born in 2008 too, or what?
      • Edit(user)-icon.png - Yes, I am 13 too.
    • ThisCommieGuy777-icon.png ThisCommieGuy777: As far as I've seen of him, he is actually quite a friendly user! Also, yes, I've made friends with a communist. A move that may as well steer me away from The West forever, because who knows.
    • Malaysia-icon.png GreenFoxKidsGaming: Eeeh... May as well...

    Unofficial or Former Friends

    • Spain-icon.png Am I Dead: They said in their friend request that they wanna be my BFF or something along those lines. They also said "it is me" in said request, so that makes me think I should know them from somewhere!? At least we both agree that Gibraltar should be Spanish territory. But one thing I DEFINITELY cannot agree with them on is how, according to one of their other friends, they want the CSA-icon.png Confederacy back...
    • 6-icon.png Alien.com: They befriended me because of our common interest for the Simpsons. However, I have since unfriended them because they have been blocked, and have been described as an immature vandal.


    425373 586231471407808 1474775674 n-1-.png This user is British.
    "Rule Britannia, M8."
    IMG 213511056504815.jpeg This user is English.
    "Still waiting for sunrise"
    West Midlandsball.png This user is a West Midlander (county).
    Drawing-151.sketchpad.png This user is male
    Atheism.png This user is Atheist.
    "we are meaningless specks of dust!"
    Blankball.png This user is Apolitical
    "I just want to grill for God's sake!"
    Facebook Iranball.png This user is Anti-Imperialist.
    "¡Death to the Great Satan!"
    Democracyball.png This user is Democratic.
    "Can I into vote?"
    Capitalismball2.png This user is Capitalist.
    "Marx Was Wrong Capitalists Stronk!"
    Antifascismball.png This user is Anti-Fascist.
    "Death to the genocidal fascists!"
    2-icon.png0-icon.png2-icon.png1-icon.png This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2021
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