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    Note: I do not permit ANYONE to edit my user page, not in any way, or form of doing so. UK-icon (tangle).png Every person who touches this page risks being Anschlussed. UK-icon (tangle).png

    Greetings to all. I have been a fan of Polandball for around 2 or so years (as of mid August 2022), but I've never really been able to contribute to this community much due to not turning 13 until August 2021 even though I was scared to register an account for 22 days. What do people here know me for? I guess being one of those Anti-Western Imperialists you might find. If you wanna find out more about me, check out these links on my FANDOM account:


    For my contributions to the Polandball wiki, though, this is all of the major things I have done here:


    UN-icon.png Full-fledged UN-icon.png

    Separatism-icon.png Separatist Separatism-icon.png


    • First things first, to use the most official methods I can, I only recognise the UN-icon.png U.N. members and observers as countries. So, yes, no Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo, no Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball, no Western Sahara-icon.png SADRball, or whatever other separatist states there are. I just wish CDR Kek-icon.png certain people didn't act like it is compulsory to recognise other places' independence...
      • Chinese Taipei-icon.png Chinese Taipei (or Taiwan) does not fall under my recognition. They may have cool cultures and people or what not, but that doesn't mean I have to recognise them. Yes, CDR Kek-icon.png Kek, I'm talking to you.
      • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo is Serbia-icon.png Serbian. If they united with Albania-icon.png Albania, the borders would look quite ugly. Plus, their independence is technically illegal, and that means if they join the UN-icon.png U.N., even as an observer, I will not, and I repeat, will NOT recognise them.


    Rank Country Continent Land area (km²) Land Area (m²) Notes
    1 Russia-icon.png Russian Federation 1-icon.png Asia and 2-icon.png Europe 16,405,410 6,334,165 Including Crimea-icon.png Crimea, but excluding occupied territories in Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine, Georgia-icon.png Georgia, etc. Also excluding recent annexation in Ukraine-icon.png Ukraine until borders are clearer. Largest Slavs-icon.png Slavic countryball.
    2 China-icon.png People's Republic of China 1-icon.png Asia 9,316,655 3,596,910 Including Chinese Taipei-icon.png Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong-icon.png Hong Kong, and Macau-icon.png Macao, but excluding the Spratly Islands and Chinese Kashmir (until I can figure out a definite position on the disputes).
    3 USA-icon.png United States of America 3-icon.png North America 9,158,296.2 3,536,033.2 Including Puerto Rico-icon.png Puerto Rico, American Samoa-icon.png U.S. Samoa, VirginIslands-icon.png U.S. Virgin Islands, etc. Largest UK-icon.png Anglophone country.
    4 Canada-icon.png Canada 3-icon.png North America 9,093,507 3,511,023 I dunno how/if Wikipedia counts Canada's half of Hans Island, so until I get further information, I'll have to use these numbers. Largest country in the English-icon.png Commonwealth, and largest French-icon.png Francophone country.
    5 Brazil-icon.png Federative Republic of Brazilball 7-icon.png South America 8,460,415 3,266,584 Largest Portuguese Empire-icon.png Lusophone country.
    6 Australia-icon.png Commonwealth of Australia 5-icon.png Oceania 7,634,170 2,947,569.5 Including Christmas Island-icon.png Christmas Island, Norfolk Island-icon.png Norfolk Island, etc. Data for the "Coral See Islands" don't exactly give whole numbers, so the numbers I used were 3 for km², and 1.5 for m². Largest island country, and therefore the largest country with no land borders.
    7 India-icon.png Republic of India 1-icon.png Asia 3,015,925 1,164,460 Including China-icon.png Chinese-controlled Kashmir (until I can figure out a definite position on the dispute).
    8 Argentina-icon.png Argentine Republic 7-icon.png South America
    9 Kazakhstan-icon.png Republic of Kazakhstan 1-icon.png Asia and 2-icon.png Europe
    10 Algeria-icon.png People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
    11 DR Congo-icon.png Democratic Republic of the Congo
    12 Denmark-icon.png Kingdom of Denmark

    Official friends list

    • New York-icon.png Chris Lee: In his friend request, he revealed his love for the Brits, and is a good fan of history like I am. BUT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CAN HE STOP BRINGING Arizona-icon.png JOHN MC'FRIGGIN' CAIN INTO EVERY LAST COMMENT REMOTELY RELATED TO Kosovo-icon.png KOSOVO (and Metohia) AND Palestine-icon.png PALESTINE!?!?!? PLEASE JUST LET ALL THE COMMENTS WHO WANNA STEER CLEAR OF POLITICS DO SO AND DON'T INTERFERE WITH ANY MORE COMMENT SECTIONS!!! But at least he agrees that Palestine-icon.png Palestine is fully independent, Serbia-icon.png Serbia owns Kosovo-icon.png Kosovo, and that Russia-icon.png Russia owns Crimea-icon.png Crimea.
    • RhodeIsland-icon.png Bonnie the Bunny: An old friend of mine way back from the story days! I always tried to stand up for them when Realjanx picked on them and ruined our stories, but let's hope they've made up now! ...Wait, they both left the wiki? Huh.
    • Poland-icon.pngMichigan-icon.png User:Polandball girl: Eeeeeh, I don't really know about her yet. The only reason she's my friend is simply because she wanted to be. I heard she was blocked, but until I see proof that she's done bad stuff, she's staying in this section.
    • Peru-icon.png Peruanoball: Wanted to be my friend out of comfort, despite the fact that I had, like, New York-icon.pngRhodeIsland-icon.png6-icon.pngPoland-icon.png four other friends at the time. Aaaand we haven't spoke since.
    • Edit(user)-icon.png 8randomedits: Without a doubt, they are one of the more mysterious users. They don't really believe in the concept of friendship, along with almost sharing birthdays with one of my relatives (and actually sharing his birthday with Alexander Lukashenko-icon.png Lukashenko to add on to that... scary trio). I think I first heard of them while I was editing the page for Cape Verde-icon.png Cabo Verde. I think they're obsessed with that place. And according to them, I taught them how to redirect pages? Thanks, I guess...
      • Edit(user)-icon.png - Actually, I found that we are born in the same year.
      • Me: Who, we? Are you trying to imply that you were born in 2008 too, or what?
      • Edit(user)-icon.png - Yes, I am 13 too.
    • ThisCommieGuy777-icon.png ThisCommieGuy777: As far as I've seen of him, he is actually quite a friendly user! Also, yes, I've made friends with a communist. A move that may as well steer me away from The West forever, because who knows.
    • Malaysia-icon.png GreenFoxKidsGaming: Dunno much about this guy, but he seems promising.
    • Lehon222-icon.png Lehon222: He makes interesting threads on which countries are most similar to Each other. Even though it's sometimes predictable, it's fun seeing which nations connect to each other the most.
    • TheElectricBomb-icon.png TheElectricBomb: He and I share some similar views and stuff.

    Unofficial Friends

    • EWBR13-icon.png UndertaleGamer1000: I haven't even talked to this guy and he's put me on his relationships section... He said he considers me sensible and mature, which is nice. And did he have to talk about Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan in that section!? If it wasn't kicked out of the UN-icon.png U.N. (or if they decide to re-add it, even as an observer) and "both" Chinas could agree to exist in peace, I would recognise them, just as he would. But at least he considers Chris's bragging about John Mc'Cain annoying, and he also doesn't recognise most separatist states. And I agree that just because Israel-icon.png Israelcube is tormenting and committing atrocities against innocent Palestine-icon.png Palestinians, it doesn't mean you shouldn't recognise them. ...Wait, now I've explained this, he understands my point of view!? That's a relief.
    • CDR Kek-icon.png Can't live without rice: This guy also claims I'm neutral with him, but at least I remember talking to him but why does he refer to me by it? And, I know, only recognising the UN-icon.png U.N. members and observers as countries is a shady move, but it's kinda the most official thing we have to the definition of what is and is not a country, so I'm just playing safe. Also, I never said anything about the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, and me not recognising Taiwan doesn't mean I think negatively of it. In fact, from what I've heard, it's a nice place, but it just doesn't fall under my definition of a country. There's a difference between supporting and recognising a country, y'know. Wait, he thanked the comment I posted to him on the matter...? Seems he understands too, thankfully...

    Former Friends

    • Spain-icon.png Am I Dead: They said in their friend request that they wanna be my BFF or something along those lines. They also said "it is me" in said request, so that makes me think I should know them from somewhere!? At least we both agree that Gibraltar should be Spanish territory. But one thing I DEFINITELY cannot agree with them on is how, according to one of their comments, they want the CSA-icon.png Confederacy back...
    • 6-icon.png Alien.com: They befriended me because of our common interest for the Simpsons. However, I have since unfriended them because they have been blocked, and have been described as an immature vandal.


    None, currently.

    Other Relations

    (Note: I am aware that is not good to list them as enemies according to the wiki's rules, so I'm not specifically referring to them as enemies.)

    • Albania-icon.png AToxicPerson: Based as hell Albanian, he judges countries based on if they recognise Kosovo or not. At least they're somewhat calm about it, though...
    • USA-icon.pngGermany-icon.pngIreland-icon.pngEl Salvador-icon.png Libunity: Kosovo recogniser and pro-imperialist. Whenever I post something on Kosovo, they say something along the lines of "Kosovo is independent, deal with it", and they don't recognise Palestine because Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Plus, they spell independent as "independant". Like, seriously? AND THEY RECOGNISE Sealand-icon.png THAT STUPID SEA FORT!?!? UK-icon (tangle).png THAT'S IT!!! UK-icon (tangle).png

    425373 586231471407808 1474775674 n-1-.png This user is British.
    "Rule Britannia, M8."
    IMG 213511056504815.jpeg This user is English.
    "Still waiting for sunrise"
    West Midlandsball.png This user is a West Midlander (county).
    Drawing-151.sketchpad.png This user is male
    Atheism.png This user is Atheist.
    "we are meaningless specks of dust!"
    Blankball.png This user is Apolitical
    "I just want to grill for God's sake!"
    Facebook Iranball.png This user is Anti-Imperialist.
    "¡Death to the Great Satan!"
    Democracyball.png This user is Democratic.
    "Can I into vote?"
    Capitalismball2.png This user is Capitalist.
    "Marx Was Wrong Capitalists Stronk!"
    Antifascismball.png This user is Anti-Fascist.
    "Death to the genocidal fascists!"
    2-icon.png0-icon.png2-icon.png1-icon.png This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2021
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