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    Greetings. I edit things here.


    My summaries on every country

    UN-icon.png Full-fledged countries

    • Afghanistan-icon.pngIslamic Republic of Afghanistan-icon.png Islamic Emirate/Republic of Afghanistan: War-torn and corrupt as hell. Practically Asian Poland-icon.png Poland, getting invaded all the time. worst USA-icon.png American territory
    • Albania-icon.png Republic of Albania: Apparently, people here live in bunkers in case that the Serbia-icon.png Serbs plan an invasion to remove kebab... And the patriotism there is insane but what do you expect it's in the Balkans.
    • Algeria-icon.png People's Democratic republic of Algeria: A fake commie state big, rich African country, which is 90% harsh desert. Only 10% of the land here is inhabitable. Must be pretty cramped there...
    • Andorra-icon.png Principality of Andorra: Andorra is an odd place. So odd, in fact, you can't squeeze an airport in it (this is the largest country which has this trait). This means you technically can't get here without going to France-icon.png France or Spain-icon.png Spain first.
    • Angola-icon.png Republic of Angola: A literal fake commie state that actually committed a Serbia-icon.png Serbia. That's right, it banned Islam. Nice try, ISIS-icon.png ISIS.
    • Antigua-icon.png Antigua and Barbuda: Its flag looks like one of those beach selfies you see on Instagram. Also, this country idolises Obama. Come on, it's been a few years since he left office.
    • Argentina-icon.png Argentine Republic Nazi.gif No-no Germany's legacy: This country wants UK-icon.png mine to simply pop out of existence. Also, it is close ties to the Germany-icon.png Germans, in historical terms. Two awful things in one.

    Separatism-icon.png Separatist Countries

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