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    Duchy of Clevesball

    The Duchy of Clevesball was a HRE-icon.png Holy Roman Imperial duchyball.


    Duchy of Clevesball started back when it was a 2-icon.png 2ball, then they form Germania-icon.png Germaniaball, then after the Romans collapse, the Germans (germanics) spreaded into Western Europe, then the Franks-icon.png Frankish Empireball came along, then forming the HRE-icon.png HREball.

    Rise to power=

    King File:Duchy of Luxembourg-icon.png Sigismund of Germany raised Count Adolph I to the status of a duke and a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire in 1417. The Cleves-Mark territories became one of the most significant estates of the Lower Rhenish–Westphalian Circle in 1500, rivaled by the Prince-Bishopric of Münsterball].

    When John III succeeded his father as Duke of Cleves in 1521, the states of Jülich, Berge, Cleves and Mark formed the United Duchies of Jülich-Cleves-Berg. His daughter Anne of Cleves (1515–1557) even became Queen Consort of England for a few months in 1540, as her brother William, duke since 1539, quarreled with Austrian Empire-icon.png Emperor Charles V over the possession of Guelders and sought support from Kingdom of England-icon.png King Henry VIII.


    When the last duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berge died issueless in 1609, the War of the Jülich succession broke out and it was divided up. It was incorporated into the Brandenburg-icon.png Margraviate of Brandenburgball. It was occupied by Kingdom of France-icon.png baguette forces during the Seven Years War, then French First Republicball during the French Revolutionary Wars Vivelaspin.gif and later Napoleonic-icon.png First French Empireball.

    It was finally re-annexed by Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Kingdom of Prussiaball and some parts went to the Dutch Republic-icon.png United Kingdom of the Netherlandsball.

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