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    Williamsburg (Capital)

    Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburgball was the colonial capital of Virginia-icon.png Virginiaball. Williamsburg was established as the capital of Colony of Virginiaball in the year 1699. The original capital — which was Virginia-icon.png Jamestownball — was the first permanent English-icon.png English-speaking settlement in the New World. Colonial leaders wrote to the Virginia Assembly to move the capital from Virginia-icon.png Jamestownball to Williamsburg-icon.png Middle Plantation five miles inland between the James and the York Rivers. The new city was retitled “Williamsburg,” in honor of England's reigning monarch, King William III.


    One of The First-Planned Cities of America

    Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg was one of America's first suggested cities. It was laid out in 1699, under the supervision of Governor Francis Nicholson, it was to be “a new and well-ordered city" suitable for the capital of the largest — and most populous — of the British colonies in America. A succession of magnificent capitol buildings became home to the oldest legislative assembly in the New World. Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg grew quickly into the center of political, religious, economic, and social life in Virginia.

    A Center for learning

    Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg also became a center for learning. Famous political leaders emerged from the magnificent College of William & Mary, which had been founded in 1693, such as Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyler. The first hospital established in America for the care and treatment of mental illness was founded in Williamsburg in the year 1773. General George Washington assembled the Continental Army in Williamsburg in the year 1781 for the siege of nearby Yorktown and the winning of American independence.

    Loss and New Restoration

    The Capital of Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg was later moved in 1780, this time up the James River to Richmond-icon.png the imposter Richmond, where it remains today. Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg was reverted to a quiet college town and rural county seat. In retrospect, Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg's loss of capital city status was its salvation as many 18th-century buildings survived into the early twentieth century.  The Restoration of Williamsburg-icon.png Williamsburg began in 1926, after the Rector of Bruton Parish Church, the Reverend Doctor W A. R. Goodwin, brought the city's importance to the notice of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., who then funded and led the massive reconstruction of the 18th-century city we see today. National attention soon focused on the restoration effort. During a landmark visit, in 1934, Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed its main thorough fare, the Duke of Gloucester Street, “the most historic avenue in America.”



    • USA-icon.png USAball - I'm your first capital! You better take me back as that or else…


    • Richmond-icon.png Richmondball - YOU ARE THE FAKE CAPITAL!!! I AM THE REAL ONE!!!


    How to draw

    Drawing Williamsburgball is very simple.

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in with blue.
    3. Draw the charge.
    4. Finish it off with a colonial hat.

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