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    File:People's Republic of Cork-icon.png The People's Republic of Corkball, Corkcork, or officially County Corkball/County Corkcork, is a cork countyball of Irelandball, that can transform into a cork. it's county town is Cork Cityball.

    County Corkball is the biggest in Irelandball, and the most populous behind County Dublinball. it is known for things like being a cork the last stop of the Titanic, Beamish, it's child West Corkball, and it's county town always saying it's the real capital of Irelandball more.

    County Corkball is usually seen talking to it's neighbours Limerickball, Waterfordball and Kerryball.

    How to draw

    Drawing County Corkball (or County Corkcork) is easy!

    step 1. draw a circle shape or a cork shape

    step 2. colour the left side red, and the right side white

    step 3. add the eyes and your done!

    if you want you can add the coat of arms (2 red towers, and a ship in the middle)


    County Corkball was born in 1606 when County Desmondball was split, a few years later his mother Kingdom of Desmondball died. County Corkball and the other Munster counties were part of the Kingdom of Irelandball, which was a part of Great Britainball, A lot of times County Corkball and the others tried to rebel against Great Britainball but it never worked, until in the early 20th century when Irelandball finally gained independence... But then civil war broke out, the whole province of Munsterball became an Anti-Treaty republic and Corkball and Kerryball were the most important parts. Then when the civil war was over Corkball was living happily in Irelandball with his neighbouring countyballs. now he just had to defeat Dublinball, who was obviously the fake capital of Irelandball



    • Kerryball - one of my best friends, but he talks too much about GAA
    • Limerickball - we have a lot in common and are good friends


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