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    Polandball Wiki
    A Communist? CRINGE!

    -Icannotdraw when he sees a commy

    Dumb stuff

    heya i am (NOT A) artist and i joined the polandball community in 2017 but joined this wiki in 2022


    vänner! (friends!)

    France-icon (beret).png Cheebow8:I love baguettes he does to I like them on my roast beef sandwiches!

    Kawaii-Zedro-icon.png Zedroball: I really like his art!

    File:PeksiOfTheFlags-icon.png PeksiOfTheFlags :yes yes nokia santa claus reindeer

    ShiningflairV2-icon.png Shiningflair :She showed me around the wiki and stuff I owe a big thanks to her

    UK-icon.png JNJ1308 :Nothin much just wanted to be his friend



    Rivaler (Rivals)

    ApexAgunomu : Keeps posting swear words

    Where it all started

    One day in 2017 I was extremely bored, so bored in fact that searched up "Scotland" to see what pops up. while I was Scrolling through the Scotland photograph junk until this video popped up [[1]] I was amazed by the artstyle the humor so after that I wanted more of that so I searched up "country ball" and got all of this stuff I watched all day and night so I made some fanart I drew Russiaball with a ushanka so I drew more and more and more Irelandball, Franceball, Polandball etc.



    2-icon.png0-icon.png2-icon.png2-icon.png This user has been on the Polandball Wiki since 2022
    Sverike.png This user is Swedish.
    "Börk Börk"
    Byz-Rødt Hvitt og Blått.png This user speaks Norwegian.
    Börk.jpg This user speaks Swedish.
    "Börk Börk Börk Börk Börk Börk"
    968964 143468449188415 69232730 n.jpg This user speaks English.
    "Yes, of course!"
    Drawing-151.sketchpad.png This user is male
    Acetool.png This user is Asexual.
    "sex is pretty cringe"
    Nationalismball.png This user is Nationalist.
    "Long live our nation and homeland!"
    Capitalismball2.png This user is Capitalist.
    "Marx Was Wrong Capitalists Stronk!"
    File:Cute Universeball.png This user is Universal.
    "I own EVERYTHING"
    Yt.png This user is a Youtuber.
    "Hey Guys!"
    Redditball.png This user is a Redditor.
    "Gib upvote plox"
    Reditlinkball.png This user is a /r/polandballer.
    "Upvote my comic plox"
    BaptistsPreaching.png This user is Baptist.
    "Church on one side, state on the other"
    Confirmed.png This user is part of the NWO.
    "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
    Ecofriendlinessball.png This user is Eco-Friendly.
    "You must take care of our Earth!"
    Happyball.png This user is Active.
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