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    Saint-Martinball is a dependencyball of France-icon.png Franceball.


    Saint-Martinball born as a 7ball in the Antilles.

    In 1626, Kingdom of Franceball claimed the clay, and adopted him giving him his new name : Saint-Martinball.

    1635, Spainball occupies the island.

    1648, Spainball leaves, giving back Saint-Martinball to Kingdom of Franceball. The presence of Netherlandsball settlers results into a split of St-Martinball, creating Sint Maartenball.

    Lots of wars and mutual occupation between Saint-Martinball and Sint Maartenball, mostly triggered by Franceball and Netherlandsball's conflicts. Oh and also random and surprise invasions from UKball that never really succeeded.

    Almost made Franceball to declare a war against USAball.

    Is really poor clay, so Franceball gave him the status of free port in 1850 just like his brother Saint-Barthélemyball, but it didn't work out as well because Franceball didn't gave enough attention to him since he is of very poor.

    In 1965, Saint-Martinball becomes slightly touristic, but attracts way less than his enemy twin Sint Maartenball, which has almost all the freedom an independent clay could have.

    Today, Saint-Martinball is independent economically and administratively, but he is having lots of trouble to attract tourists since Sint Maartenball's hotels are way cheaper. Also, Saint-Martinball is dependent to his enemy twin because that twin has the big airport, not him.

    In 2017, 90% of his clay was destroyed by hurricane Irma.


    • Franceball : Mother, and father, and nobody knows.
    • Sint Maartenball : Evil conjoined twin that steals my income (tourists). Also sends drugs on my clay that are allowed on his but not on mine. Otherwise, I might be speaking Spanish while he doesn't. Also he of richer and am of jealous.
    • Guadeloupeball : Cousin that fed me during a long time. I like him. Merci!
    • USAball : His presence means money. Great! Very great.


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