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    "Rule Britannia, M8."

    Collisions, if you don't like the "giant hole" that is also known as the grand canyon, then you could fill it up with Donald Trump's ego :^)
    — Squirrel719 when Collisions called the Grand Canyon a "giant hole"


    0ball supports.png 0ball
    Rektland icon.pngREKTLAND


    These are a list of things I've added to the Wiki:

    • Devonball, Buckinghamshireball, Dorsetball, Somersetball, Oxfordshireball and some other UK County Pages.
    • I've got Bain to add Chat.css and .js to the Wiki, and some other .css with making polls look nicer.
    • I've added ~12 Comics to the wiki, mostly Planetball Comics which are desperately needed.
    • I've added Planetball pages too.
    • I've updated and added a few templates such as Template:Recent.
    • I am trying to push use of the unused Template:Featured by finishing them. Hopefully in the future I can help add stuff to the Wiki's Youtube Page too.


    • Dumnonia - Dumnonia is a fictional country made by me, it involves South West England turning into a Grand Duchy. ([https://www.nationstates.net/nation=southwesterland Here it is on nationstates, the actual population would only be 5/6 million)
    • I speak English, and I know a bit of Spanish and French. In the future I want to learn Danish and Russian because normal languages are too boring.
    • Here is a page of my name in every language
    • ╚═( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)═╝

    please don't spam the lenny worm in chat by the way

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