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Venedi-icon.png Venediball, also known as Vistula/Baltic Venetiball were a 2-icon.png Indo-European tribeball.

History[edit | edit source]

Venedi-icon.png Venediball evolved from 2-icon.png 2balls and were first mentioned in the 1st century AD, then they might have been part of the Goths-icon.png Gothic Empire of Ermanaric in the 4th century. After the fall of Hun-icon.png Hunball they were absorbed by/became Slavs-icon.png Slavsball.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

It is unknown if they were Germania-icon.png Germaniaballs, Sarmatians-icon.png Sarmatianballs or Slavs-icon.png Proto-Slavballs, in the 19th century many Panslavic-icon.png Slavballs used Venedi-icon.png Venediball as an example that they existed in ancient times, though Ancient Greece-icon.png Ptolemy mentions some Venedi-icon.png Venediballs living in Old Prussia-icon.png Prussiaball, and we know that Slavs-icon.png Proto-Slavballs were landlocked.