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    Kepler-56ball is a red giantball roughly 3,060 light-years away with slightly more clay than Sunball. It has two confirmed planetballs, one slightly smaller than Neptuneball, and another slightly smaller than Saturnball. Both planetballs were discovered in 2012. Their orbits are tilted because of a third, nontransiting planet: Kepler-56dball.

    Kepler-56ball is a red giant star. This means it is no longer fusing hydrogen in its core and is off the main sequence. Its mass is around 1.3 M. Its radius is about 4.2 R, putting the star's density at about 0.025 g/cm3. For reference, the Sunball's density is about 1.408 g/cm3. Its metallicity is about 0.0251 Z0/X0. Its luminosity is about 9.6 L, and its effective temperature is 4973 K, classifying Kepler-56ball as spectral class K3III.

    Kepler-56ball is about 3.9 billion years old, placing it as about 600 million years younger than Sunball. Its apparent magnitude is +13, making it too dim to be visible to the naked eye.

    Planetary system

    1. Kepler-56 bball
    2. Kepler-56 cball
    3. Kepler-56 dball

    Kepler-56ball is expanding. Thus, it will Anschluss Kepler-56bball and Kepler-56cball in 130 and 155 million years, respectively. Kepler-56dball will be the only survivor.

    The Kepler-56ball system
    Planetball name Mass Semimajor axis (AU) Orbital period (days) Eccentricity Inclination Radius
    b 22.3 ME 0.1028 10.5034294 79.640° 3.606495320 RE
    c 181 ME 0.1652 21.4050484 81.930° 7.844702558 RE
    d >5.61 ± 0.38 MJ 2.16 ± 0.08 1002 ± 5 0.20 ± 0.01


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