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    Kepler-78bball is an exoplanet orbiting the yellow dwarf Kepler-78ball. It is 407.3 light-years away from the solar system, located in the Cygnus constellation. When it was discovered, it was the most similar planetball to Earthball in terms of mass, radius, and density. However, due to its extremely short orbital period (8.5 hours), it is probably a lava planet.


    Kepler-78bball has 1.69 times the mass and 1.14 times the radius of Earthball. Its acceleration due to gravity is 11 m/s2, which is a little more than Earthball. (For reference, on Earthball, it's 9.81 m/s2.) The density of Kepler-78bball is 5.5 g/cm3, about the same as Earthball's. This means Kepler-78bball is a rocky planet containing rocks and iron. Its iron core could be 40% of its mass.[1] This extreme environment is similar to CoRoT-7bball.

    With an orbital period of 8.5 hours, its orbit is 40 times closer to its star than Mercuryball is to Sunball. Its surface temperature ranges from 2,300 K (2,030 °C; 3,680 °F) to 3,100 K (2,830 °C; 5,120 °F), meaning it cannot into atmosphere but can into a lava ocean.

    Scientists are not sure how Kepler-78bball came to be, but it's possible that it was a gas giant that migrated close it, making it a Cthonian planet. About three billion years from now, Kepler-78ball will Anschluss Kepler-78bball.


    • Kepler-78ball - Parent who abused me.
      • : You were the one who came to me!
    • Earthball - Are you suuuuure that we're twins?
    • Venusball - Hell planet who is similar to me. BUT I AM HELL, I AM CLOSER TO STAR AND HAVE LAVA!
      • : Distance not matter, I have thick atmosphere (you cannot into), sulfuric acid clouds, and metal rain.
    • CoRoT-7bball: We are of similar, core of gas giant. Did Earth introduce you to me?


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