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    Andromedaspiral is a barred spiral galaxy of type SA(s)b and is the largest galaxy in the Local Group. It has about a trillion stars, is roughly 2.5 million light-years from the Milky Wayspiral, and is the farthest object that can be seen with the naked eye (from the perspective of Earthball). Between 4 and 5 billion years from now, Andromedaspiral will Anschluss the Milky Wayspiral, becoming Milkdromedaball. Andromedaspiral is also the closest major galaxy to the Milky Wayspiral.

    General information

    Between 2 and 3 billion years ago, two galaxies Anschlussed each other, forming Andromedaspiral. As a result of this merger, many stars were born, and so was its halo. Its distance from the Milky Wayspiral is 2.54 ± 0.11 million light-years.

    Andromedaspiral has about 1 trillion stars. Its diameter is 200,000 light-years, making it the largest galaxy in the Local Group. However, it's estimated that Milky Wayspiral can into more clay, having 800 billion Sunballs. gib clay

    Andromedaspiral can into barred spiral, more specifically, SA(s)b. Its galactic halo extends further than the galaxy itself, with a diameter of 220,000 light-years. Its rotational velocity varies. At its core, it ranges from 50 km/s to 225 km/s. Andromedaspiral's peak rotational velocity is 250 km/s, with a radius of 33,000 light-years. From here, the galaxy's speed diminishes: At 80,000 ly, it is 200 km/s. This means the mass of the nucleus is six billion Sunballs. The galaxy's mass increases linearly until 45,000 ly and increases slowly beyond the 80,000-ly radius.

    Andromedaspiral has seven spiral arms. Two of them are more spaced out than in Milky Wayspiral. Images reveal that Andromedaspiral has a relativey normal spiral pattern, with two long trailing arms. It's possible that they were disrupted by its satellites, like M32 and M110. More images from the ESA think that Andromedaspiral might turn into a ring galaxy. Interactions between M32 might also explain a dust ring in Andromedaspiral's polar axis. This means that Andromedaspiral almost Anschlussed M32 i will be back someday! >:(, similar to Catrwheelring

    Andromedaspiral's evolution of stars is very similar to our galaxy's, including metallicity, distribution of "metals," and Anschlussing of satellite galaxies. Additionally, both galaxies' nuclei have a dense, compact star cluster.

    Andromedaspiral can into many satellite galaxies. The largest of these is debatably Triangulumspiral. Other satellites include M32 and M110, the latter of which is interacting with Andromedaspiral. M32 can into young stars. Andromedaspiral has more satellites than Milky Wayspiral. Twenty of the former's are dwarf galaxies.


    • Milky Wayspiral - Second best friend who is a spiral. I will Anschluss you in 4–5 billion years. We also like having satellites.
    • M32 and M110 - Dwarf satellites that I will Anschluss soon
    • Triangulumspiral - Best friend who is also a spiral. They are closer to me than Milky Way and may be my satellite. I will also Anschluss you one day...

    How to draw

    Visible light-image of the Andromeda Galaxy. M32 is to the left of the nucleus, and M110 is at the bottom right.
    1. Draw a spiral with a bar crossing its nucleus.
    2. Color the outer regions a pale, dark red.
    3. Color the spiral arms brown.
    4. Draw the nucleus as a bright circle with a pale red color and glow.
    5. Color the middle parts a lighter shade than in step 2.
    6. Draw the eyes, and you've finished!

    Optional: For its satellites, draw a bright, white circle for M32, and place it near the nucleus. For M110, draw a dark, pale red (see step 2) oval, with its center brighter. Make sure M110 is further away than M32.


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