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    Sun Sun Sun!

    Freddie Mercuryball is a rock singer and keyboardist a failed car company an element of the periodic table the long lost moon of Venusball second-smallest and innermost planet in the Solar System. It hate Sunball as Sunball blasts it with solar winds and Sunball is the reason why it cannot into moon or atmosphere. Its day side of it is about 420°C, while its night side is -150°C. It is a 3:2 spin-orbit resonance with Sunball.


    Mercuryball is a rocky planetball First planet from the sun with an unusually large core. Up to 55% of Mercuryball's volume is dominated by its core, which has an abnormally large iron content. Scientists from  Earthball believe that most of Mercuryball's crust and mantle was once stripped away by a large collision billions of years ago, thus resulting in his large metallic core.


    Mercuryball follows a highly eccentric orbit, with an eccentricity of ~0.21, making it the most eccentric of all major planets, with the exception of Planet Nineball. It takes about ~87.969 Earth days to complete one full orbit. It also rotates slowly. Because of its high eccentricity and slow rotation, there is a rather interesting effect that occurs: as Sunball climbs into the sky, it seems to stop, reverse its course, the reverse again before finally setting in the West.


    • Venusball: My sibling who is shinier than me and kinda fat
    • Sunball: My parent who burns me super badly
    • Earthball: My sibling who tried to kill me and stole my mantle, so I have a trick up my sleeve for revenge...
    • Marsball: My sibling who's colder than me.
    • Plutoball: My sibling I thought didn't exist it doesn't I want it to be a planet again, so I don't have to be the smallest.
    • Jupiterball: My sibling who prevented me from murdering Earthball. You will pay. Oh, what's that? You wanna help me murder Earthball again? Fantastic!

    How to draw

    Real-life image of Mercury, as seen by the MESSENGER probe in 208, in true color.
    1. Draw a circle (no circle tool allowed).
    2. Color all of it gray/grey, with hints of light brown.
    3. Draw several craters and ridges, the latter of which are white.
    4. Draw the eyes, and you've finished!


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