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    Sun Sun Sun!
    Mercury-icon.png Mercuryball

    Freddie Mercuryball is a rock singer and keyboardist a failed car company the smallest and innermost planet in the Solar System. It is of best friends with Sun-icon.png Sunball, being the closest, though Sun-icon.png Sunball burns him badly. One side of him is about 420°C, while the other side is -150°C. He is gravitationally locked to the Sunball in a 3:2 spin-orbit resonance.

    A real life photo of Mercury for reference


    Mercuryball is a rocky planet with an unusually large core. Up to 55% of Mercuryball's volume is dominated by it's core, which has an abnormally large iron content. Scientists from Earth-icon.png Earthball believe that most of Mercuryball's crust and mantle was once stripped away by a large collision billions of years ago, thus resulting in his large metallic core.


    Mercuryball follows a highly eccentric orbit, with an eccentricity of ~0.21, making it the most eccentric of all major planets, with the exception of Planet Nine. It takes about ~87.969 Earth Days to complete one full orbit. It also rotates slowly, being gravitationally locked to the Sun. Because of his high eccentricity and slow rotation, there is a rather interesting effect that occurs: as the Sun climbs into the sky, it seems to stop, reverse its course, the reverse again before finally setting in the West.


    • Venus-icon.png Venusball: My sister who is shinier than me
    • Sun-icon.png Sunball: My father
    • Earth-icon.png Earthball: My brother who tried to kill me, so I have a trick up my sleeve for revenge...
    • Mars-icon.png Marsball: My brother who is colder than me.
    • Pluto-icon.png Plutoball: My brother I thought didn't exist he doesn't I want him to be a planet again, so I don't have to be the smallest.
    • Jupiter-icon.png Jupiterball: My brother who prevented me from murdering Earthball. You will pay.


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