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    WASP-12bball is a type of insect hot Jupiterball that is only 2 million miles from its starball. WASP-12bball is over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the hottest exoplanetballs known. Additionally, the planet reflects just 6% of its light, so it probably appears pitch-black. Due to its close distance to its star, WASP-12bball is oblong (rather than round), and it it slowly losing its clay to its parent star. The planet has ten million years left to live, when its parent star will Anschluss the planet. Finally, WASP-12bball might have a moon.


    WASP-12bball orbits 3.5 million kilometers (2.2 million miles; 0.023 AU) from its parent star, a yellow dwarf. This fact has several consequences. First, its surface temperature is 3,128 K (2,885 °C, 5,225 °F), making it one of the hottest planets known in the Milky Wayspiral. Second, tidal forces between WASP-12bball and its parent star cause the planet to lose about 189 quadrillion tons of mass per year. Related to the second fact is that WASP-12bball is shaped like an egg instead of a sphere/ball. It reflects less than 6% of its starlight, meaning its surface would appear black, similar to TrES-2bball. Also, like many hot Jupiterballs, WASP-12bball is tidally locked, with one side permanently facing its parent star, and the other always facing away.

    WASP-12bball is also one of the least dense planets known; it has "inflated" due to it receiving lots of starlight. In addition to containing hydrogen, WASP-12bball is suspected of containing lots of carbon (in comparison to oxygen), such as carbon monoxide and methane. It's possible that its core consists of diamond and graphite, making a diamond planet.


    Russian scientists have discovered a transit in line with that of WASP-12bball, indicating the presence of an exomoon. However, it might be a trojan body instead.

    How to draw

    An artist's impression of WASP-12bball being absorbed by its star.
    1. Draw an egg shape.
    2. Color most of it black.
    3. Color the hot spot white. The actual appearance of the planet besides its dark color is unknown, but temperatures here reach over 2500 K.
    4. From the hot spot drawn in step three, draw a tail away from the planet. This is hydrogen gas being ripped away from the planet.
      • If the planet is being drawn with its star, make the tail orbit the star.
    5. Draw the eyes, and you've finished!


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