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    TRAPPIST-1ball, also known as 2MASS J23062928–0502285ball, is an ultra-cool red dwarfball 40.5 light-years from Earthball in Aquarius. It has 7 planetballs, 3 of can into habitable. It is a place of interest for countryballs to move to when Earthball dies. It was discovered in 2000 and its planetballs were discovered across 2016 and 2017 by the TRAPPIST telescope in Chileball.

    A Kepler image of TRAPPIST-1

    Planetary system

    • TRAPPIST-1bball - It is a bit bigger than Earthball and orbits 0.01 AU from TRAPPIST-1ball. It could possibly have an atmosphere like Venusball or Mercuryball. It could be tidally locked and battered by stellar wind. There is a chance it is an ocean of magma.
    • TRAPPIST-1cball - A tiny bit smaller than B but still bigger than Earthball. It orbits 0.015AU from TRAPPIST-1ball and shares nearly every feature with B.
    • TRAPPIST-1dball - It is around the size of Marsball and might also be tidally locked. It orbits 0.02AU from TRAPPIST-1ball. It might by beaten by stellar wind too. Water might exist on small parts of it.
    • TRAPPIST-1eball - It is slightly smaller than Earthball and could be habitable like it. It orbits 0.03AU from TRAPPIST-1ball. It is the most likely to have water and scored second-highest on Earthball Similarity Index for exoplanets.
    • TRAPPIST-1fball - It is a slightly smaller than TRAPPIST-1cball but bigger than Earthball. It orbits 0.04AU from TRAPPIST-1ball and is around the temperature of Marsball. It is probably too far away too be a water planetball but it could be an icy planetball being 50% frozen water.
    • TRAPPIST-1gball - It is the biggest in the system, a bit bigger than TRAPPIST-1bball. It orbits 0.05AU from TRAPPIST-1ball. It is likely to far away to have water so it might be a snowball planetball. However, gasses in its atmosphere might melt to ice into water.
    • TRAPPIST-1hball - It orbits 0.06AU from TRAPPIST-1ball and the smallest in the system, slightly smaller than TRAPPIST-1eball. It is also too far away for water and becoming a snowball. It could have a Titanball-like atmosphere that could melt water.
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