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Europaball is a moonball of Jupiter-icon.png Jupiterball. Not to be confused with EU-icon.png EUball. he has a very smooth surface with cracks in it, as his clay is covered in ice. It's possible he has a liquid ocean underneath his icy crust.

He wants to into EU, but wants cannot take in kebab refugees for obvious reasons.

Composition[edit | edit source]

He is covered in a crust of water-ice several kilometres thick, and can probably into subglacial life. This has caused considerable amounts of hype among scientists on Earth-icon.png Earthball, as Europa's conditions make it quite possible for extraterrestrial life to exist and flourish beneath it's icy crust (Although it might very likely be simple life forms)

Orbit - Rotation[edit | edit source]

Europaball orbits Jupiterball every ~3.5 days, with an extremely low eccentricity of ~0.009. Like his fellow Galilean Moons, he is tidally locked to Jupiterball. He also is in a 2:1 resonance with Ioball.

A real life photo of Europa for reference

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