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    Tel Avivcube (City) (officially known as Tel-Aviv-Yafocube) (also formerly Ahuzat-Bayitcube (until 1910) and Yafoball (until 1950)), is an cityball, Tel Aviv District District. Tel-Avivcube can into the most populous in the Gush Dan metropolitan area which is located in Israel too. Tel-Avivcube is known for its imperial ambitions to conquer the whole district, using the kindness of its step-father, Israelcube, so it can easily turn into Tel-Avivtangle. Tel-Avivcube can also into the economic and technological center of Israelcube, even though Tel-Avivcube is small, borders the Israeli Mediterranean coastline and only has a population around 500,000. Speaking of Tel-Avivcube having a population of 500,000, that makes him the second most populous in Israelcube only after Jerusalemcube (only if you considered East jerusalemcube a part of Israel.) Tel-Avivcube can into a rich city in Israelcube because it has the third or fourth largest economy (based on cities by GDP), not only that but it can have the largest economy per capita in the Middle East as well.


    Tel-Avivcube is well known for its imperialist ambitions. Tel-Avivcube likes diplomacy and entertainment.



    • Israelcube - Its sugar-daddy, kind and give monies.
    • All of Israelcube's friends - Diplomacy is good.


    • Jerusalemcube - Oh, they're the biggest city! not us!! And our football team (soccer), Maccabi Tel Aviv, is better than Beitar Jerusalem!!!! And I am the true capital city!!!
    • Bat Yamcube - Was founded to get Tel Aviv mad, refuses to give it lands.
    • Rishoncube - They did plot to conquer me with Bat-Yamcube, but then my parent divided them into districts. Still angry because it has more lands than me!!
    • New Delhiball - Tel Aviv New Central Bus Station Largest Bus Station, Millennium Park Bus Depot is just of GLORIFIED PARKING LOT!
    • All of kebabs [exc. some Yafoball kebabs and others] - The second intifada wasn't good.


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