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    Countryballs is a popular countryball website. It has a large Polandball community, mainly made up by artists and people that make comics. Countryballs continues to grow and the community does as well.


    This community used to have a very popular member named "Polandball". This user was the first on the website. Polandball is credited for creating "Poland cannot into space" because they posted this post and this post. Also, Polandball was credited for making this post. This leads many to believe that Polandball was Collisions-icon.png Collisions. Though, this may not be true.


    Though the community on Countryballs is vast, the rules are extremely loose. Circle tool, lines between colors, perfect English for non-English speakers and countless other rules are broken. But, regardless of this, the community still contains people that follow the rules. sadly their are many toxic users and spammers that bloody up the site. possibly the most infamous is "coolbabyball" who makes porn posts and comment "penis" constantly. currently some of the most popular users are hambreboy and cheebow8.


    The community on Countryballs is vast. This means that users from Countryballs may be on different websites. Such as... The Polandball Wiki! Members on both websites include:


    Countryballs has dealt with a lot of drama. Especially over the last few years. Here, the worst wars will be talked about.

    The Countrycat Wars


    Gosh, when something seems small, it can really escalate quickly. That’s what the users on Countryballs had to find out when one small issue became a website-wide war.


    In this war — like all — there were sides. They are displayed below.


    Users here include:


    The demon Kitty77Katty


    Part 1

    One day, everything was fine. But things would never be different. A new user joined — Kitty77Katty. At first she looked fine. She posted a picture of Poland with wings. And people were eager to be friends with her. But the website was about to be hit with something stronger than ever before. Kitty77Katty decided to post an image of a countryballs with ears and a tail. There were mixed opinions. Some people, liked it. Others were fine. Some deeply hated the fact that she was breaking the rules. But people ignored her, thinking her flame would die down. It didn’t. She continued with this odd art style.

    Part 2

    With tensions rising, some brave users decided to group against Kitty. A small group was about to launch an attack on Kitty — Who’s fame was becoming grand. But there was a traitor. Cultureball had backstabbed the group. The group was infuriated! Kitty had now realized that people were against her and her art style. The war was becoming more and more fierce.

    Part 3


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