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    Bolanqiuba 'Poland can't in to space'

    Bolanqiuba(波兰球吧 (Simplified), 波蘭球吧 (Traditional)/pinyin: Bōlánqiúbā) is a Chinese social network that concludes lots of great Polandball works. 'Bolanqiu' means Polandball in Chinese.

    Polandball in China[edit | edit source]

    Bolanqiuba is a site that is the largest Polandball community in China. There are more than 15k subscribers, post their works, discuss about Polandball. Bolanqiuba has some rules that is not so strict. Their rules on qualities is simple, use tools that is not a 'Regular Shapes' tools to draw a ball is OK, use a 'Regular Shapes' tools will be considered a 'Yiduan异端(Heterodoxy)'. Some substance like clear position, strong political color, unidirectional irony are banned.

    Because of the loose rules, the qualities of works in Bolanqiuba is not so high, but there are also lots of high quality works, you can click to the 'Jingpin精品(Masterpiece)' to browse them.

    'Jingyan经验(Point)' is a kind of evaluation system in Bolanqiuba. The 'Jingyan' can be earned by comments of you works or adding comments to others' works.

    The Website

    Another BBS "Polandball Tieba" use "Po吧英语翻译" to translate works into English. Foreign admins are wanted.

    Website: http://www.tieba.baidu.com/polandball

    Why there is Tieba[edit | edit source]

    Polandball is also very popular in China. However, the Chinese internet has very strict censorship that they can't go on Facebook and other social media websites, and it is also impossible to go to Reddit without using a VPN. The Chinese government will not ignore that. They have their own social network, that is 'Tieba'. It's a kind of forum, a bit like Reddit. Bolanqiuba is a sub column of Tieba.

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