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    The logo for the Polandball Amino.

    Polandball Amino is an active community on the Amino Apps platform.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Polandball Amino was created in July of 2016, its creator, Rhineland, created it due to the decline of members on the app 'iFunny'.

    He promoted the new Polandball community on iFunny, and within a year had reached 1,000 members. Unfortunately, its creator Patriot Rhine starting March 15, 2020 had left the platform due to issues maintaining standards on the app, relinquishing the "agent" status (person who controls most functionality of the community) and left the platform, deleting his profile.

    Pesky poles invasion[edit | edit source]

    A YouTube channel called “planet fáktow”, under a paid sponsorship by Amino made a video detailing the Polandball community and had an additional segment for Polandball Amino at the start. This caused a great influx of Polish speaking people into the community. They were told to speak English, or they would be banned, which was difficult to enforce with over 1000, Poles in the community. Some people started reporting the Polish people, even if they spoke English. To resolve this the members that reported others were banned for a few days. Eventually, the drama died down and the Poles were gone.

    The 1st PBA war [edit | edit source]

    Known as The UAE Crisis

    Around August 2017, TA (Team Amino, company moderators on the platform) banned a long favorite leader of PBA, UAE for posting "inappropriate content", which caused outrage. But because of this TA started banning all kinds of people for seemingly no reason. Then, members started making anti-TA posts which only furthered the problem. It started to die down when leaders told people to stop making the post. But it went away slowly, and the effects can still be seen today.

    The 2nd PBA war[edit | edit source]

    Known as Fight for PBA

    In early May 2018 (on a different amino community), Rhineland posted a Nazi related comment on a random post giving him a 2-day strike. In the days following, many members posted anti TA content trying to stop TA from banning innocent members.

    The 3rd PBA war[edit | edit source]

    Known as the Massacre of Polandballers;

    In Early March 2019, Rhineland (Creator of Polandball Amino) got banned for allowing memes in the community. Luckily, he had a second account in which to retake position as agent and moderate the community. Over 2,000 people were banned and over 10,000 people were striked by TA. 75% of community members got banned or striked for no reason, many caused by false reporting innocent members, but TA would not look into details of a report and would ban or strike without proof. That happened in just 3 days. Many activities and posts followed expressing hate for TA, which actually caused them to stop for some time, but soon resumed.

    Death Faking[edit | edit source]

    In February-March 2019. Many people had an idea to fake their deaths, and fake them having sicknesses (Example:Leukemia,Insomnia,etc). Once it came to Ellie's Idea. She was one of most kindest persons in the Polandball amino and got trust by others. Then it began lying it has leukemia. And soon it faked its death. But everyone catched that, and it got banned. Many people still think it died of leukemia, but no. In March of 2020, there also existed a brief and unofficial "Elliversary" event with the hashtag #1yearelliething with a grand total of 5 posts involved with it, taking place around one year after the incident was revealed a hoax.

    Poletale[edit | edit source]

    This was a game concept by a group of members, it was a cross between Undertale and Polandball. All the game was, was to cross Undertale with Countryball's in the place of the normal characters. This lead to a new rule banning any Polandball related crossover with a fandom in the community. Polentale later moved to the Undertale amino, where it died off slowly.

    Stand with Hong Kong[edit | edit source]

    In mid 2019 PBA staff started a campaign similar to the TA war about the ongoing Hong Kong protests tagged #StandwithHongKong. Every participant would be automatically awarded the title "HK Defender". Some days later another movement emerged in response, "#StandwithChina" although few people took part compared to the HK movement.

    The Leader Civil War[edit | edit source]

    During a couple days before New Years' Eve of 2019, Patriot Rhine had been accused of expressing favoritism to certain curators (junior moderators in the community). During the last hours of that night, Rhine then proceeded to remove all curators who opposed him and with a flashmob of posts about an "F U" to him. The few that stayed in the position were still surprisingly competent enough, virtually winning anyway with a somewhat majority.

    Temporary split of the original PBA and the forming of PBA+[edit | edit source]

    On March 11, Patriot Rhine held a poll saying if he should delete the Amino and had mentioned suggesting the deletion of his Amino by Team Amino, which he viewed as the solution to the seemingly unsolvable problems of the community, and that he was too prideful to simply hand the reins off to someone else. In the comments of this post was a user named "lil uzi pixel" that suggested he himself ban certain users (which turned out to be all former curators and leaders). And so, he was granted to do so, and followed up by removing sections of features to the Amino (e.g., the Reddit/YouTube tab, Help Chat, etc.). Widespread panic and multiple Amino counterparts were made shortly after, and he made everyone that stayed either agree with his ideology that it would be reduced to simply a spam site before TA could delete it.

    However, after hours of panic, the Polandball Amino was the battlefield for a coup d'etat which eventually resulted in Rhine relinquishing his position and leaving the community, however the damage was already done.

    Soon, the Polandball+ Amino (It was being planned in 2018 as a backup during the TA conflict) was integrated into the original PBA, where many people joined. Today it is a ban appeal center.

    Two days later, the original Polandball Amino was declared back online, and Patriot Rhines profile was banned by Lond (another leader). Debates about his possible alternate accounts are still ongoing. A period with 4 leaders in less than a year came: after an election a couple of days since the Rhine incident, Kielce was defined as the new agent of PBA and later Connor, Lond again and Laxative in January 5 2020.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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