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    the pbewds consipiracy (essay by livonxy)

    Engelixir (talkcontribs)

    the pbewds (poladballe wiki discord server) is a trap started by MÖEODY . melody is actuanlly michelle obmama and is söying on us using vir """"poladballe wikig"""""" and shar es the information withBekcy g (part of tve scect service). now shininglfair. shininglfair is obciously ssuspiciois as well. i tuink shinkngfalri is AGENT SIAI. agbet issi is shinainglair' alt.shinginfalir puppets the account Agent Isaissah and vontrols the ekitre polandballwikk.Thos is how shininghsföir is so popilar. shinitnlair has all pwoer ofver the wikiذ, and mrlody (mitchell obama) has control over the poladballe wiki discord dserver. and llejamie is also mitcheöl obamam ، becade lajmie is mleody (mitchell o anama)

    thank xou for reading thisطً. spread the word .

    Shiningflair (talkcontribs)

    I am exposed... Yes I am Agent Isai. I puppet his account and his unfunnyness... How did you find out? I will soon destroy you And the Whole Eiki... you better watch out!!!! 

    hey, i have something to say

    RoboTheSkillIssue (talkcontribs)

    i just wanna tell you how amazing of a friend you are, you've helped me in very tough times, you've helped me gain my motivation (when i was actively drawing countryballs), and you've been such a based asf friend to me. but as i have left the PBWDS, i miss you a lot and sure hope that it turns back to normal this weekend (i'll be coming back on saturday or sunday). - robo

    Shiningflair (talkcontribs)

    Thanks man <3 I can't wait to see you back again! Enjoy your break, and I hope you'll feel better after it :)

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